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{{Are you|Whenever you are|When you are} looking to {have|get} {some|your|any} exterior painting {done|carried out} {at|on} your home or business? {We can help|We’re happy to help|We can take care of it}|{Whenever|When|If} you {need|require|are in need of} exterior painting {at|on|for} your home or business {we are|we’re} here {to help|take care of it}|{When|If|Whenever} {you are|you’re} {looking|searching} for exterior painting for {your|the|a} home or business – {call on us first|call us|give us a call|just call us}. {We are|We’re} {ready|here} to {help|assist|take care of it for} you|{Looking for|are you looking for|Are you in need of|Are you searching for} {professionals|great tradesmen|reliable painters} to {help|assist you} with the exterior painting {for|of|at} your home or business {then call on us|just go ahead and call us|call on us today}. {We are|We’re} {at your service|here to take care of that for you}.|{Is it|Do you think that it is|Now maybe it is} time to get the exterior painting {done at|taken care of|looked after at} your home or business {again|once again}? {We are|We’re} {the|your} {local|painting} {professionals|experts}. {Call us|Give us a call|Just call us} and {we|we promise that} {won’t|will not} {let you down|disappoint you}}.

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{{We are|We’re} {your|the} {local|expert} painters and decorators {offering|providing} a {reliable|professional} and {trusted|great value} service for exterior painting in Birmingham {{For the|For those} times|Whenever} {you need|you are  in need of|You require} {reliable|professional} painters and decorators {you can|just} {call|rely} on us. {We are|We’re} {your|the} {local|professional} painting company {for all|to call upon for} your exterior painting in Birmingham|{{Whenever|When|If} {you need|you require|you are in need of} the {help|assistance} {of|from} {reliable|professional|expert} painters and decorators {call on us|just give us a call|you can call on us}. {We|It is our aim to|It’s our goal to} offer {a|you a|all our clients a} {high|great} quality, {trusted|professional} service for {all|any of your} exterior painting in Birmingham|{When|If|Whenever} {{you are|you’re} {searching|looking} for|{you are|you’re} in need of} exterior painting in Birmingham {call us first|just give us a call|go ahead and call on us}. {We are|We’re} {your|the} {local|professional} painters and decorators and {we|we are happy to} {offer|provide} {a|you with a} {friendly|great value} and {reliable|professional} service that you can {trust|rely upon}|{When|If|Whenever} you need to {hire|employ|take on} {reliable|trusted|honest} decorators for {your|all of your} exterior painting in Birmingham {then|just|go ahead and} {give us a call|call us|call to arrange} for a free {quote|quotation}. {We are|We’re} a {family|family owned} {business|firm} of professional painters and decorators and you can {count on|trust|rely on} us for {high|great value and high} quality painting}}.

{{We are|We’re} a {family|locally} owned painting and decorating company in Birmingham and {we pride ourselves in|we take great pride in|{we are|we’re} very proud of} the quality of {work that we complete|all our work}. {We pay close|We give lots of|We pay particular} attention to detail {in|to} {all aspects|every aspect} of interior and exterior painting. {We only employ|We have only ever employed} {time served|fully qualified} decorators {for|on} {all|any of} our residential and commercial contracts|{We take great priding in|We are very proud of} {the work|every paint job} that we {do|undertake|complete} and we pay {close|particular} attention to detail {on the|with respect to the} quality of the interior and exterior painting {work we produce|that we carry out|that we complete}. {As a|Given that we are a|Simply because we are a} family owned painting and decorating company in Birmingham, {we only|we have only|we decided to only} {employ|hire|recruit} {time served|fully qualified} decorators for {all|any of|all of} {our|the} residential and commercial painting work|{When|If|Whenever} {you need|{you are|you’re} in need of|you require} a painting and decorating company in Birmingham {you can rely|you can count} on us {for|to provide} a {high|great|really high} quality painting finish {on|for} your interior and exterior painting. {We|We only|We only ever} {employ|hire|recruit} {time served|fully qualified|experienced} decorators for all our residential and commercial painting and {we take great pride|we have great pride} in the {work|painting} that we {do|undertake|complete}|{Need|Do you need|Are you looking for} a painting and decorating company in Birmingham {for|to look after} your interior and exterior painting work? {Call us first|Then give us a call|Just call on us}. {We are|We’re} a {family|local family|locally} {owned|run} painting and decorating company in Birmingham and {we take great pride in|we are immensely proud of} our {work|painting} and {our|pay close|known for our} attention to detail. {We only|We have only|We only ever} employ {fully time served|properly qualified|trained and experienced} painters {on|for} any of our residential and commercial painting {jobs|contracts} and {we|that enables us to} guarantee you {a|will get a} perfect paint finish {every|each and every} time|{When|If|Whenever} {you need|you are looking for|you require} help with {your|any} residential or commercial painting job {then call on us|just call on us|just give us the call}. {We are|We’re} {your|the} {local|professional} painting and decorating company in Birmingham. {We are|We’re} {time served|fully qualified and experienced} decorators {with|having} {over|more than|almost|nearly} 20+ years experience in all aspects of interior and exterior painting. {We take great pride in|We are very proud of} the work {we do|that we do|that we undertake} and we {give|pay} close attention to detail to {ensure the|guarantee the|be able to guarantee the} quality of our work {is|is absolutely} perfect {every time|on every job we do}}.

{{When|If|Whenever} {it comes to|you think about} exterior painting and decorating, {you may think|you will be forgiven if you believe|you probably think} that {there is less skill|less skill is} {required|needed} – and {maybe|perhaps} {a|a local} handyman {might be able|may be able|may be okay} to {do|produce} {a fair|a reasonable|a decent} paint job. {Maybe|And perhaps|Its possible that} they could – if {you get|can find|can hire} one {who is skilled|who is well skilled|who has the skills} and pays attention to detail{, but why take the chance|. But why would you take a chance|. But why take the risk}. {We are|We’re} qualified and have completed {our|an} apprenticeship in all areas of interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. {So with that|Baring that|Keeping that} in mind, {we can|we are happy to} guarantee {you|that you} will get a {great|perfect painting} finish {every time|on every job we do}.|{Maybe you|Perhaps you|It is possible that you} have {hired|employed} a handyman in the past to {do|carry out} {your|some} exterior painting and decorating {because|as} you {thought|believed} {it|that it} {was|is} {less|lesser|lower} skilled work than interior painting? {And while|It is true that} there are {certain|a number of|several} tasks that {do|can|often} require {a lower skill level|less skill}, {most|much of the} exterior painting {requires|needs} the skill and experience {you|that you will} {only|really} get from {a professional|a properly trained and experienced} decorator{ who|, one who} has {served their|completed an} apprenticeship. {As|Being} {qualified|professional|your local expert} painters we have {over|nearly|almost} 20+ years of experience in interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. {When|If|Whenever} you {hire|employ} us, {you|you will|you are guaranteed to} get the {quality|quality of finish} that you {deserve.|expect.}|{There are|There are certainly|It is true that there are} {some|a small number of|a few} aspects of exterior painting and decorating that {a|a competent} handyman {could|could safely} {carry out|look after|complete} and provide you with an {adequate|acceptable} finish – {not|maybe not|probably not} {great|perfect} but {adequate|acceptable}. {But why take the chance|Why take that chance|But why would you take the risk}? {When|If|Whenever} you {hire|employ} us you get {professional|experienced} painters who {have served|completed} {an|their} apprenticeship in interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. {With|When you hire|When you call on} us you get {a|our|my} guarantee of perfect painting on every {job|single paint job} – inside {and|or} out.|{When|If|Whenever} you {need|are looking for|are in need of} quality exterior painting {then we should talk|lets talk about your job|you can rely on us}. {Call us|Give us a call} for {a|your} free quotation. {We are|We’re} professional painters. {We|We have} served {our|a} {trade|painting} apprenticeship to {develop|grow} our skills in every aspect of interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. {It does not matter|Regardless of} what your painting job {is|entails|requires}, {we can|we|we will} guarantee {you|that you will get} a high quality finish. {You can rely on|You can trust} us – {so give us a call|just call on us|just give us a quick call}. |{Looking for|Are you looking for|Do you need} high quality exterior painting from professional decorators {who|who will} stand {by|over} the quality of their {work|painting}? {{We have|We’ve} served our|All of our painters have completed their} painting apprenticeship {in all areas|in every area|in every aspect} of interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. {You can|You can be sure to} {hire|employ} us with confidence because {we|we are happy to|I am happy to} guarantee the quality {of|on} {every|each} {job|painting job} we {do.|undertake.|complete.}}

{{Hire us as|When you hire us for|When you employ us as} your exterior painters in Birmingham and you will {be glad|be very happy that} you {did|do}. {Many|Lots of} {people|customers} {assume|believe|just assume} that decorating the exterior of a property is {just as easy as|pretty straight forward and is only} {brushing on|applying} a coat of paint. {A really|A properly} skilled painter and decorator {makes|often makes|can make} {the|your} {job|painting job} {look|appear|seem really} {easy|simple}. {When|If} you have {ever painted|ever tried painting} the exterior of your property, {you|I’m sure you} {will|already} know {that there is|there is a lot} more to it than {meets the eye|you initially thought|it first seemed}. {There is|First off there is|To begin there is} {a|quite a} lot of preparation work {involved|to be done|to be completed} before {you|we|anyone} {can|will be able to} get the paint brushes out and {start|begin work on} your painting {project|job}.|{When|If|Whenever} {you are|you’re} {looking|searching} for exterior painters in Birmingham {call on us|just call on us|just give us a call}. {We are|We’re} {your|the} local {professional|expert} painting company and {we|we are happy to} stand {by|over} the quality {of|of all} our {work|painting}. {Lots of|Many} {people|customers} {make the mistake|are mistaken} in {thinking|their belief} that {a|any|a competent} handyman {can|will be able to} {take care of|look after} decorating the exterior of a property. {After all|In the end|Surely} {it is|it’s} {pretty easy|fairly easy|low skilled work} to brush on a coat of paint? {Right|Is that what you think|Correct}? {Well,|Certainly,|It is true that} {a|our} skilled painter and decorator {may|can|will} make the {job|process} {look|seem|appear to be} really {easy|simple} – {but that takes experience|and that has come from their years of experience}. {When|If|Whenever} {you have|you’ve} ever {painted|tried to paint|tried painting} the exterior of your property {you|then you} {already|may aleady|probably} know {that there is|there is much} more to it. {It takes|Whether you know it there is|believe it or not but there is} a lot of preparation work {to|needed to|required to} get your painting {project|job} ready {before {you|anyone} can get|in advance of getting} the paint brushes and rollers out.|{The next time|When the time comes that|When ever} {you need|{you are|you’re} looking for|{you are|you’re} ready to hire} exterior painters in Birmingham for {your|a|your next} painting {project|job} – {call on us|just call on us|just give us a call}. {When|If|Whenever} {you have|you’ve} {ever painted|ever had a go at painting|ever tried to paint} the exterior of {your|a} {property|house} {then|I’m certain|I’m sure} {you|you are|you’re} {already know all about| are already very familiar with} the {amount of work that goes into the preparation|the preparation work that is required} before {you|anyone} {can|will be able to} {put the paint brushes to work|get started with the paint brushes}. {When|If|Whenever} you have watched a skilled painter and decorator at work, {the job may|they may have made the job|perhaps the made the job} look really {easy|simple}. {We know it|It only|Did you know that it} looks easy because {we have|we’ve} {spent|spent the past|spent over} 20+ years doing {it|that every day}. {Call us first|Go ahead and call us|Just give us the call and we will look after it}.|{Don’t make the mistake of|Don’t be mistaken in|We will forgive you for} thinking that exterior painting is {easy|pretty easy|fairly simple} and {a|that a|that any} handyman {will|will be able to|could probably} {do|manage|take care of} the job. {When|If|Whenever} you {need|are in need of|require some} exterior painting in Birmingham {then call on us|just give us a call}. {It might|We probably make it all|To some it might} {look|appear} {easy|simple|pretty easy} but there {is more|is much more} to it than {meets the eye|it first seems}. {There|Above all|To start with there} is {a|quite} lot of preparation work {required|needed} before {you|anyone} can {start putting|start to put|begin work and put} the paint brushes to work. {There|Maybe you don’t think so but there} is more {to it|work involved} than {simply|quickly} brushing on a coat of paint – as {well we know|as we know only too well}! {We are|We’re} your {local|professional} painting company with {over|almost|nearly} 20+ years {in|in the painting|of being in} business. {Each|Every|Each and every} one of our employees is {a skilled|an expert} painter and decorator {who takes|and they take} {pride|great pride} in their {work|painting}. {Call us for your|{Give|Go ahead and give} us a call when you need} exterior painting project.|{Are you|Whenever you are|When you are} {thinking about|considering} decorating the exterior of your {property|home|business}? {Hire us as|Trust us with} your exterior painters in Birmingham and {you|we guarantee that you} will be {thrilled|really pleased} with {the|your} results. {Lots of|Many} people {think|believe} {there is little skill|that not a lot of skill is} {required|needed} for exterior decorating{ but|. But|. I can tell you that} there is {more|a lot more|much more} {to it|to the job} {than|than just} simply brushing on a coat of paint – {and we know all about it|that is something we know only too well}! {We are|We’re} your {local|professional} painting and decorating with {over|almost|nearly} 20+ years in {business|in the trade}. {Every one|Each|All} of our employees is {a|a qualified and} skilled craftsman – {a professional|an expert} painter and decorator {who will take|who takes} {great|immense} pride in {your|their} painting. {Call us|Give is a call|Go ahead and give us a call} for a {free|no obligation} quotation for your exterior painting work.}

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{{The|Have you considered that the|Most people forget that the} preparation {required|needed} {for|to do} exterior house painting {can|will usually|can often} involve power washing the exterior walls to {remove|blast away} {dirt and debris|debris and dirt}. {Any|The|All the} {loose|peeling} {or|and} flaking paint {must|will have to} be {removed|{blown|blasted|washed} of the walls} before {any|any of the|the} exterior painting can {begin|start|be started}|{In case|Perhaps|On the chance that} you had not {given it much thought yet|thought about it much|give it much consideration}, {there is|there is probably|it is likely that there is} {a lot|quite a bit of} of preparation work {that is required|to be done} before any exterior painting can {begin|be started}. {It is likely|It is more than likely|It is highly probable} that {your|the} exterior walls will {need|have|require} to be power washed. {This will not only|Not only will this} remove {any|the|all of the} {dirt and debris|debris and dirt that builds up}, but it {will help|will also|is certain to} remove any {loose|peeling} and flaking paint {too|also}|{Before you can begin|Just before you can get started|One thing to consider before you can begin} with the exterior painting of {a|your} {property|house}, {there {will be|is usually}|you will probably have} some preparation work {to be done|that is needed first}. {At the very least|If nothing else|At the minimum,} the exterior walls {will have|will probably have|will need} to be power washed. {This|This job|This process} {will|can} {remove|blast away} {the|any} dirt and debris that {builds|has built} up over time and it will also {remove|blow off|blast away} any {loose|peeling} or flaking paint{ and this|, This} will {create|provide} a {great|good|proper} base for the new paint|{You may be|{You are|You’re} probably} {eager|keen|really eager} to get {started|to work|going} on the exterior painting {but|however} there is a {good deal|lot} of preparation work {required|needed|to be done} {first|before you start painting|before you can do that}. {At the least|At a minimum|If nothing else}, the exterior walls {should|will have to} be power washed. {The blast|The jet|A high pressure jet} of water will {remove|blast away} any {loose|peeling} or flaking paint{ and it will|. The washing will|Power washing will} also wash {away|off} {the|any} dust, dirt and debris that {accumulates|has built up|builds up} over time|{{You|Im sure you} probably|Most people} {want|would like} to {hire|bring in the} painters who {will crack right on|get right to work} with the exterior painting. {But|However} {you should be aware|have you thought about|have you considered} {that there is a lot of|all of the} preparation work that {is required|should be done} before any painting can {start|be started|begin}. {At a minimum|At the very least|If nothing else} the exterior walls {should|will need to} be power washed. {The power|Power} washing will {blast|wash|blow} away {any|the|all of the} {loose|peeling} or flaking paint {and|and also} wash {off|away} {the|any} {dust and dirt|dirt and dust} that {accumulates|builds up|has built up} over {time|the years}. {This|The washing} will {leave|provide} you with {a|the} {clean|best|proper} base to take the new paint}. {Woodwork and wooden window frames {usually requires|will normally need} {some|a little} sanding – to {provide|ensure there is} {a|a good} {key|base} for the new coat of paint. {Cobwebs and spider webs|Spider webs} {normally|usually|will usually} {accumulate|gather|build up} {around|under|on} the {soffit and fascia|fascia and soffit} {so|and} {these|they} {must|will have|need to} be {cleaned|removed and washed down} before any painting can {begin|start}. {We|We are happy to} {take care of it all|look after all of this|do all of this work}|{To provide|To be sure that we have|To ensure that there is} {a great|the best} {base|surface} for {the|a} new coat of paint {it is|it’s the|it’s our} best practice for woodwork and wooden window frames to {{receive|get} a light sanding|be lightly sanded} {first|before painting}. {Other|Some other|Another} preparation {that|work that} {is required|should be done|is needed} includes removing {the|any} {cobwebs|spider webs} from {the|under the} {soffit and fascia|fascia and soffit} {so|so that} {these|they} can be {properly|thoroughly} {cleaned|cleaned and washed} {so that|and then|and after that} they can be properly painted. {We|We are happy to|We want to} {look after|take care of} {all|any of} the preparation {work|jobs|works|effort} {so that|and that way} we {can|are able to} guarantee {a|that you will get a} great paint finish|{You probably|I’m sure you already} {know|realise} that {any|the} flaking or cracked paint {must|should} be removed. {But even|Have you considered that|Maybe you haven’t considered that} woodwork and wooden window frames {will|do} {require|need} a {light|gentle} sanding {so that|to ensure|to provide a key so that} the new coat of paint will take. {Wooden|{All|Any} wooden} {soffit and fascia|fascia and soffit} will {require a thorough cleaning|need to be well cleaned} before any painting can {begin|start}. {These|They} {should also|will have to} be lightly sanded and wiped down {so|to be sure|to ensure} they are dust free|{You should have|In addition|Another job to be done is that} any woodwork and wooden window frames cleaned and lightly sanded {so that|to allow|to ensure that} {the|a} new coat of paint will {adhere|take} properly. {Wooden|Your wooden|Any wooden} {soffit and fascia|fascia and soffit} will {also require|will need} a light sanding and {any|the} {loose|peeling or flaking} paint {should|needs to} be properly removed. {Only when|When|It is only when} {the|all of the} preparation {has|work has} been {completed|carried out|done} can {the|the real} painting work {begin|start}. {To be honest we often|You should expect to|We very often} {spend|need} {more|much more} time {in getting|to get} the preparation {done|work done|jobs completed} than {the actual|the|actually} painting, but {that is|we have found that to be} the {key|secret} to {a|getting a} {great|perfect} paint finish. {We take care of|We will look after|Have us look after} it all {so|and then} you {don’t|won’t} {have|need} {to|to do it}|{Preparation|The preparation work} is the {key|secret} to {a|getting a} {great|good} looking paint finish. {We take care of|Let us take care of|Leave it to us to do} the cleaning of the woodwork and wooden window frames {including|and} {giving them a|doing the} light sanding {so that|and then} the new coat of paint will {take|take reliably|adhere}. {Other|Any other|Any} woodwork {such as|like} {the|your} {fascia and soffit|soffit and fascia} {must|will have to|needs to} {be|be properly} cleaned and sanded to remove {the|all the|any of the} {dirt|dirt, dust} and {any|the} {flaking|loose} paint before {the|any} new painting can {begin|get started}. {We will|We are happy to|Leave it to us to} {take care of|look after} the preparation work {as well as|in addition to|to get your property ready for} the decorating}.

{At {we undertake|we are happy to do|we want to be your number once choice for} all residential and commercial painting and decorating in Birmingham and {the|in the} {surrounding|nearby} areas. {We have|We’ve|{We have|We’ve} earned} a {great|very good} {reputation|name for ourselves} for {high|perfect} quality work and {we really want|we work hard|we would love} to be your {number one|first} choice for painters in Birmingham|{We|We put in the effort and} {have worked hard|worked really hard for our customers} {over|for over} 20+ years to {build|grow} {our|a} reputation for high quality {work|painting}. {We will|We want to|We are happy to} {provide|do} {all|any|all of} {your|the} residential and commercial painting and decorating in Birmingham and {all|in any of} the {surrounding|nearby} areas. {We|I|We will|We are happy to} guarantee {to provide you with|that you will get|you will always get} the {best|finest} possible {finish|painting} and {we really|we} {want|would love} to be {your|the} {first choice|number one} for painters in Birmingham|{Need|Do you need|Are you in need of} residential and commercial painting in Birmingham? {We are|We’re} {your|the} {local|expert} painters and decorators and {we have|we’ve} {earned|worked hard to earn} our {reputation|good name} for {doing|providing} {great|high quality} {work|painting} and {providing|for our} excellent customer service. {When|If|Whenever} you need painters in Birmingham {call on us|give us a call|just give us the call} for a {free|your free} {written|no obligation} quotation|{When|If|Whenever} {you are|you’re} {looking|searching} for residential and commercial painters in Birmingham {be sure to|don’t forget to|make sure you} {call us|give us a call} for a {free|your free} {written|no obligation} {quotation|quote}. {We work|We try|We always work} harder to {provide|support} {our|all of our} {customers|clients} with the {highest|best} quality painting. {Make us|We want to be|Our goal is to become} your {only|first|number one} choice for painters in Birmingham. {You will|We know that you will|There is no doubt that you’ll} be {glad|very happy that} you did|{When|If|Whenever} {you are|you’re} {searching for|looking for|in need of} residential and commercial painters in Birmingham {then look no further|you have found us|stop looking because you’ve found us}. {Call us|Give us a call|Call now} for {your free|a} {written|no obligation} {quotation|quote}. {We want|We would really love} to be {your|the } {first choice|number one|first} {when|whenever} {you need|you are in need of|when you’re looking for} painters in Birmingham. {We work|I can promise that we work|More than any of our competitors, we work} harder for {all our|our} {customers|clients} to {provide|deliver} first class {painting|decorating} and customer service {they|that they will} love. {Call us|Give us the call|Call on us} and {find out why|learn more about what we can do}}.

{{{We have|We’ve}|Over the years {we have|we’ve}|For many years {we have|we’ve}} painted {hundreds|several hundreds|possibly thousands} of homes, offices and commercial properties in {the area|and around Birmingham}. {We|{We are|We’re} happy to} {take on|undertake|carry out} {all|any of your|any and all} paint jobs {from small|from the smaller} interior painting jobs {such as|maybe something like a single} a ceiling {to|up to} {the|one of the} largest jobs we have done {included|which included|which was} painting the exterior of an apartment {complex|building}.|{We do|We can do|We can undertake} {all|any of} your painting jobs {from the smaller|from the small} interior painting of a ceiling {to the very large|up to the larger} {ones|contracts|jobs} {such as|for example the} painting the exterior of a school {that|a job that|something that} we completed {recently|a few months ago|very recently}. {We have|Over|Throughout|In all} our {time|years} in business we have painted {many|several|literally} hundreds of homes, offices and commercial properties in the Birmingham area {and|and nearby and now} {we are|we’re} {ready|all set|raring} to work with you {now {too|also}|when you are ready}.|{We are|We’re} {ready|eager|keen} to {take on|look after|undertake} all your painting {work|jobs}. {From|From what may seem like a little job such as|From the smaller jobs such as} a single ceiling and other interior painting jobs, {right|and right} up to {large scale work|the larger contracts} {like|such as} the exterior painting of a {shopping centre|factory building}. {{We have|We’ve}|In all our {years|many years|time} in business {we’ve|we have}|Throughout our {time|many years} in business {we have|we’ve}} painted hundreds of {properties|buildings} in the Birmingham area including homes, offices and commercial properties and {we are|we’re} {available|always ready} to {carry out|do|take on} any painting you {need doing|need to have done|want to have done}.|{For all|No matter what, for|no matter how big or small} {your|the} painting jobs – {just call on us|go ahead and give us the call|just give us a call}. {Over|For over|For almost} 20+ our clients have {{relied|called} on|hired} us for {all|all and any of} their painting. {From|For every job you can think of including} homes, offices and commercial painting in the Birmingham area {we have|they have trusted us|we’ve} {take care of|looked after} {it all|them all|all of them} – and {you can too|we would love to take care of you too|you can rely on us to do the same for you}. {From|Starting with} the {little|smaller|small} painting jobs {such as|like|for instance} a single ceiling {to|and up to} the {very large|much larger} contracts {such as|like|something like} the exterior painting of a {warehouse|school|factory} building we can {manage|handle} {it|them} all. {There literally is no job|We have never found a job that is} too big or too small.|{Whatever|No matter what} {your|the} painting {need|requirement} is we can {manage|handle} {{it|them} all|any of them}. {From|Starting with} {small|the smaller} interior painting jobs {like|such as} a single wall or ceiling {to|and up to} the very large projects {such as|for example} the exterior painting of {a school|an office building} we {can|are happy|are confident that we can} {do|take care of|look after} {{it|them} all|any of them}. {{We have|We’ve} been For {over|almost|nearly} 20+ years {the|your local}} {professional|expert} painters in the Birmingham area and {we have|we’ve} {completed|undertaken|carried out} the painting of {{several|literally} hundreds of|well over one thousand} painting {projects|jobs|contracts} {including|which would include} homes, offices and commercial properties. {You|More than anyone else, you} can {rely on|trust} us to {get the job done right|do great {painting|work for you}.}}

{{In addition to|As well as our} painting and decorating {we|we can} also {undertake some|carry out your|do any of your} property and home improvement {work|jobs}|{As well as|In addition to|On top of all} {your|the|our} painting and decorating we {{can also|are happy to} help you with|are also available to help with|also have a service to do} some light property and home improvement {work|jobs}. {Call us|Give us a call|Call on us} for a {quick|brief|short} {chat|conversation} about {your project|the work you want done|the tasks you need doing} and {let’s see|lets find out} if we can {help|help with them|help you out}|{Not only to we|We can do more than|Did you know that we do more than just} {look after|take care of} all {your|the|things} painting and decorating{ but we|. We} also {provide for|offer a service to manage|provide a service for} {smaller|small to medium} property and home improvement {works|jobs|projects} {too|also|as well}. {Call us|Give us a call|Call us first} {about|to have a quick chat about} your project|{We|Not only will we|We don’t just} {provide|do|carry out} {all|any of} {your|the} painting and decorating services {but|and} {in addition to|as well as} that we {also provide|will take care of|support} our {clients|customers} with light property and home improvement {work|jobs they want done}. {So if|If|If ever} {you have|you’ve|you’ve got} a {project|job} that {you have|you’ve} been {meaning|intending} to {get to|do|have done} – {call on us|give us a quick call|you can call on us} for a {chat|chat about it|chat and tell us what you need}|Property and home improvement {works|contracts|tasks} {are|are just} {another|a few more} of the services we {provide|offer} {to|for} our {clients|customers}. {Our bread and butter|Our main business|Our central business} is painting and decorating {but|however} we {want|really want|would love} to {become a|develop our business to be a} one-stop-shop for all your property {care|maintenance} needs}.

{{When|If|Whenever} the weather is {good|fair} and {you have|you’ve|you’ve got} {some|a little} {spare|free} time {on your hands|available}, {there|here} are {some|a few} {small|minor} exterior house painting {tasks|jobs} {that you might|that maybe you’ll|you may} want to {try to do|have a go at} {yourself|on your own}|{When|If|Whenever} the weather {is nice|behaves|is fair} and you {want|would like|really want} to {get|go} {out|outside} and {do|try|have a go at} {some|a bit of} home maintenance, {you may decide to|maybe you will|you might} {try|attempt} {doing some|a few of} of the {smaller|minor} exterior house painting {tasks|jobs} {by yourself|on your own}.|{There may be|Maybe there will be|Occasionally you might find} {times|days|a few free hours} when you {want|would like} to {do|try doing|attempt} {some|a little} home maintenance {work|task} {yourself|on your own}. {Maybe you want|Perhaps that could be|That me just be} to {do|try} a {few|couple of} exterior house painting jobs?|{It is|It’s|Sometimes it’s} {nice|just nice|great to be able} to {get|go} {outside|out of the house} and {do|take on} {some|a few} of {the|your} home maintenance {jobs|tasks} {on your own|for your self}. {When|If|Whenever} that {is you|is the case} then you {may|might|might just} want to {try|have a go at|attempt} {some|a few} of the exterior house painting {jobs|projects|tasks} first?|{Fancy|Do you fancy|Have you thought about} {trying your hand|having a go} at {some|a few|several} of the exterior house painting {tasks|jobs|jobs first}? {Sometimes|Just now and again|Occasionally} {it is|it’s} {just nice|great|really good} to {get out|go out|get outside} in the {sunshine|fresh air} and {do|get} a {few|couple} of those {nagging|annoying|persistent} home maintenance {jobs|tasks} {that|done that} {are|have been stuck} on your list!}

{{Here are|Here’s} a {few|couple of} {tips and techniques|techniques and tips|tips and tricks} to help you {out|make it easier|get started}. {Lots of|Many|Very often} {people|our clients} {want|would like} to paint doors. {Maybe|Perhaps} {you want|you would like|you’d love} to {change|completely change} the {colour|look and colour} of {your|the} front door. {If so|If this is the case|If that’s true}, {give|start by giving} the door a {light|gentle} sanding {first|to begin}. {Make|Be|Please make} {sure|certain} {you|that you} {remove|clean off} any {dirt and loose paint|flaking paint and dirt}|{Lots of|Many|Very often} {people|customers|clients} {want|would like} to {change|make a change to} the {colour|look and colour} of {the|their} front door and {it may even|to many it may|to you it might} seem {like|as if} {it’s an|it is a pretty} {easy|simple} {job|thing} to {do|change}. {So|To help you out|to make it a little easier} {here are|here’s} a {few|couple of} {tips|tricks} and techniques to help you {get started|start the job}. {The most|Possibly the most|We think the most} important {thing|job|task} to {do first|start with} is to {remove|wash off and sand|rinse then scrape lightly to remove} any {dirt|dust, dirt} and {loose|flaking} {paint|old paint}. {Then before|Just before you begin|Before you start} painting {be|just be} {sure|certain} to {give the door|go over the surface of the door with} a light sanding. {This|That} {will help|helps} the new coat of paint to {take|stick|adhere}|{When|If|Whenever} {the|your} {first|number one} {job|task|project} on {your|the} {list|list of things your wife gave you to do} is to paint the front door{ then here|, here} are a {few|couple of} {hints and tips|tips and tricks} to {help you out|make your job a little easier}. {Lots of|Very frequently|Many} {people|home owners} {like to change|feel the need to change} the colour of {the|their|their front} door and {it looks like it|often it may seem like it|quite often they think it} {should|will} be a {fairly easy|simple|straight forward} {project|job to do}. {{The|The very} first thing|One of the first things} to do is {clean|wipe over|wipe down} the {surface|face of the door} to {remove|wipe away} any dirt, dust {and|and then gently scrape off any} loose paint. {Next|then you need to} give the {door|door surface} a {light|gentle} sanding. {This provides|This is to provide|This will create} a {key|good base|great base} for {the|your} new coat of paint to {adhere|take|stick} to.|{Maybe one of your|Perhaps one of your first} painting {projects|jobs|tasks} {is|will be|could be} to paint {the|your} front door. {Lots of|A large number of|Many} {people|home owners} at some {point|time|point in time} {will decide|will want|would love} to change the colour of {their|the|their existing} front door {as it|because they think it|because it} brightens up the {appearance|look} of {the|their} {house|home}. {Here are a|We thought we would give you a|You might like these} {few|couple of} {tips|tips and tricks} to {get you|help you get} started. {Your|The} {first|number one} {job|task} is to {thoroughly|fully|properly} clean the door {surface|face} to {remove|eliminate} {any|the} {dust, dirt|dirt, dust} {and|and any} {loose|flaking} {paint|old paint}. {Then|Next thing|Just} before {you|you are going to} {start|begin} {to paint|the painting}, be sure to give {the|your} door a {gentle|light} sanding {with|and use} a {fine|180} grit sandpaper and {this|that} {will help|helps} {the|your} {new|next} coat of paint to {stick|take|adhere}|{When|If|Whenever} {changing|you are going to change} the paint colour of {your|the} front door is {one of the {projects|tasks|jobs} the number one {project|task|job}} you {would like|want} to {do|get done} then {here are|we would like to give you|here’s} a {few|couple of} {helpful|useful} {tips|tricks|secrets} of the trade to {{get|help get} you|help you to get} {started|on the right path to painting success|begin}. {First you will|Before anything else you} {need to|should ensure that you} {properly|thoroughly} clean the door {surface|face} to {remove|wipe away} {any|the} {dirt, dust|dust, dirt} {and|and then scrape it lightly to remove any} {loose or flaking|flaking or loose} paint. {Then|Just|Right} before you {begin|start} to {apply|paint on|brush on} {the|your} {new|fresh} coat of paint, {give|be sure that you give} the {door|door face} a {gentle|light} sanding with a {fine|very fine} grit sandpaper. {This|The sanding} will {provide|create} a good {base|key} {for|to help} your new paint to {take|adhere}.}

{{When|If|Whenever} you are {going to try|planning on|thinking about} painting windows, please ensure you do not close them before the paint has dried – or you may not be able to open them again. Be especially careful if painting sash windows because it is easy to seal them closed with the paint by accident|{{When|If|Whenever} one of your projects is painting windows – make sure you do not close the sashes tightly before the paint has fully dried. {When|If|Whenever} you do, the paint may dry after contact, sealing them shut. If so your windows will not be easily opened again|Beware when painting windows! Please ensure that your freshly painted window frames are completely dry before you shut them. Otherwise the paint will dry and seal them closed. {When|If|Whenever} this happens you may not be able to open them again|A word of caution for you if you decide upon painting windows. Be certain that any painted window frames are fully dried before they are closed or the paint may seal them shut for good|Be careful to check that any painted window frames have fully dried before you close them. Lots of people have learned when painting windows that the drying paint can seal the windows closed forever}. But being completely honest, if you need your windows painting, you might be safer calling upon the best exterior painters in Birmingham – here’s hoping that is us!|Rather than see you ruin your windows, I better warn you that painting window frames is much harder than it appears. {When|If|Whenever} you need your windows painting you would be better served by calling on us for help. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as the best exterior painters in Birmingham|Painting window frames is much more difficult than you might think to get right. {When|If|Whenever} you want your windows painting you should call in the best exterior painters in Birmingham – {we are|we’re} here to help|{When|If|Whenever} you want your windows painting it is better to call us to take care of it. It is harder than you would think. We have had 20+ years of developing our skills to the point where {we are|we’re} the best quality exterior painters in Birmingham|Call on us and get the best exterior painters in Birmingham and surrounding areas when you need your windows painting. We take care of all your exterior painting needs}.

{Wet weather makes exterior house painting very difficult. We try to balance our workload between interior painting and exterior decorating|{When|If|Whenever} the weather gets wet it is almost impossible to do much exterior house painting. That is one of the reasons why we balance our work between interior painting and exterior painting|We provide our clients with a high quality service for both interior painting and exterior decorating. {When|If|Whenever} the weather {turns|becomes} {wet|inclement} then exterior house painting {becomes|will become|will be} {very difficult|almost impossible|hard to do} {so|then} {we will|you would} {really only|only be able to} {undertake|carry out|undertake} {this|this type of} {work|painting|project} {when|whenever|if} {there will be|you get|you have} {a sufficiently|an adequately|a reliably} long {dry spell|spell of good weather}|{When|If|Whenever} exterior house painting {is one of the {projects|jobs on your list}|is the number one {project|job|painting job} that {you want|you are looking|you need} to {have done|do|get started}, {it is|it’s}it’s probably} {best|better|smart} to {plan for|schedule|think about having} {this to be|it to be} {done|carried out|undertaken} {when|whenever} the weather is {dry|good|optimal}. We {provide|offer} {our|all our} {clients|customers} {with both|comprehensive|the full range of} interior painting and exterior decorating services for {both|their} {home and business|home, rental properties and business|home and any other properties they have}|{We|Did you know that we} {provide|support|offer} {our|all of our} {customers|clients} in Birmingham help with {both|our}their} interior painting and exterior decorating. {We also|In addition we|Additionally we} {offer our|provide a great|can give you a really good} exterior house painting service {which|that} {includes|also covers|also includes the} power washing and {any|all of the|any of the} preparation works {necessary|needed to do the job right}.

{{We|You’ll be delighted that we|What makes us unique is that we} guarantee {you will get|we will give you|we’ll provide you with} a {high|great|terrific} quality finish {on|for} {every|each|each and every} {job|painting job|paint project} {we|that we} {take on|complete|undertake} {no matter if|regardless whether} {it is|it’s} interior or exterior decorating|{We|We are proud to|We are happy to} guarantee {all|that all|that every one} of our {customers|clients} that {they will get|we will provide them with} a {high|great|perfect} quality finish on {all|all of} {the|their} painting work {and that|which} {includes|covers} both interior and exterior decorating|{We|Were you aware that we|We are proud to} have {been providing|provided|offered} a professional interior and exterior decorating service to our customers for {over|almost|nearly} 20+. {We|We’re happy to} guarantee {a| that you’ll get a} {high|great|perfect} quality finish on every {project|paint job|painting project} that we {do|undertake|do for you|do for all of our customers}|{For|When you need|When you are looking for} {expert|professional|the very best} interior and exterior decorating {call on us|give us a call|call us} first. {We|We’re proud to} guarantee {a|that you will get a|that we will give you a} {high|top|perfect} quality finish on {every|your} painting {job|work|project}|{No matter if|It doesn’t matter whether|Regardless of whether} {your painting {project|work}|the painting you need {done|to have done}} is interior or exterior painting {we will|we|we’ll|we’re happy to} guarantee {you|that you will get|that we will give you} a {high|top|perfect} quality finish on {all|any of} your painting and decorating}.

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Painting the outside of your house is best done in the Autumn or spring when temperatures are moderate, and the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. The best temperature range for painting outdoors with latex paint is from 50° to 85° F.

House painting pros say two coats is the way to go. We are often asked how many coats of paint are needed to paint a room or the outside of a house.

To put it simply, two coats of paint are required. People tend to think that it costs more money to apply more coats of paint, but it’s more about performance than cost.

On most unpainted exterior surfaces, the standard procedure calls for a primer coat followed by two topcoats of paint.

Hardboard siding may also require a primer. As a general rule, use an alkyd primer and a latex topcoat when repainting. Be sure that your primer is appropriate for the surface you’re painting.

In the UK, the national average for an exterior painting project ranges from £425 to £1500.

Still, it is important to keep in mind that these are estimates and that the cost of your exterior painting project could be higher or lower depending on the factors discussed below.

Exterior Painting Costs

  • UK National Minimum Cost £420
  • UK National Maximum Cost £1500
  • UK National Average Cost £800
  • Average Range £420 – £1500
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