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Bearwood is a suburb district located south of Smethwick, West Midlands. Its original name was Bearwood Hill and it is a high high street that runs to the Windmill road through the council house of Smethwick.

Bearwood, being a relatively large district runs through two towns. Its western region around the Brook of Shireland, forms part of the Abbey ward of the Sandwell Metropolis. Its eastern axis, though relatively smaller, is located on eastern part of Shireland’s brook and thus falls under the north western ward of Birmingham.

The origin of Bearwood’s name has been subjected to a lot of controversy. Some scholars opined that it was derived from ‘Beor’ s ward’ while others view it as originating from ‘Bearu’ which means ‘grove’.

From the maps of Bearwood, taken from the 19th century, it showed that the district was characterized by agricultural farming as it was a rural area . Thus, the Bearwood road, after it was constructed, led to the development of the area as it linked the district to developing areas of Smethwick. By 1903, the northern axis of Bearwood ward experienced extensive development as a lot of companies like M& B Brewery, Beakes farm trooped in.

Before the first world War started, Bearwood was known for its landmark buildings with beautiful designs. The structure around Bear Tavern, just at  the edge of Sandon Road was an ancient beauty as it was decorated with colorful terracotta.

Bearwood has developed from the once agro- based district to a modern city. This is because it has plenty of shopping parades, banks, bakeries, pharmacies which have in no small measure, improved the lives of the residents.  The major means of transportation in the district is through roads. Its efficient bus service plies Hagley road and Bearwood interchange.

Bearwood district also offers a great spot for relaxation and entertainment. It’s Lighthouse park features great facilities for enjoyment. As regards Education, Bearwood District has four primary schools and three secondary schools.

Starting from Abbey Road Post Office located at 19-21 Abbey Rd, Bearwood, Smethwick B67 5RA, United Kingdom head northeast via Ethel St and Bearwood Rd/A4030 to Bearwood tyre centre located at 272 Bearwood Rd, Smethwick B66 4HT, United Kingdom

From Bearwood tyre centre head north via Bearwood Rd/A4030 to Bearwood Nursing Home located at 86 Bearwood Rd, Smethwick B66 4HN, United Kingdom

From Bearwood Nursing Home head south via Bearwood Rd/A4030 to The Redeemed Christian Church of God House of Praise located at 28 Barnsley Rd, Bearwood, Birmingham B17 8ED, United Kingdom

From Bearwood Nursing Home head southwest via Barnsley Rd/A4040 and Hagley Rd/A456 to 24/7 Fitness Birmingham Gym located at Hagley Rd, Bearwood, Birmingham B66 4AU, United Kingdom

From 24/7 Fitness Birmingham Gym head northwest via Bearwood Rd/A4030 and Three Shires Oak Rd/B4182 to Abbey Road Post Office located at 19-21 Abbey Rd, Bearwood, Smethwick B67 5RA, United Kingdom

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