Birchfield is a suburb district found under Birmingham, England. The district’s location is situated between Handsworth Wood, Perry Barr and Aston. The district,  with its neighbouring villages ; Aston, Perry Barr and Handsworth Wood shares the same B20 and B26 postcodes.

The main road in the axis is Birchfield road. This road is connected to the Birmingham’s town center. The district has several schools, Birchfield Community Primary school amongst others.

Birchfield derived its name from the Birch trees that were on the land. This is because areas in the middle ages, derived their names from things that are obvious. Some scholars opined that the area was likely a field that was divided and given to the peasants.

In 1831, a road was constructed in Birchfield which was later known as the Turnpike of New Walsall. However, a modern road was constructed in Walsall which served as a direct link for accessing several areas.

Following the opening of Perry Barr Station in 1838, it brought an end to the usage of Horses as it was faster. This development helped in spreading developmental structures to the nearby Birchfield district.

In mid 19th century, massive housing development sprung up in Birchfield axis, thus before 1900, the most of the district ‘s areas were filled with infrastructures. The 20th century heralded continuation of development as the district’s first eight- Lane highway was Constructed. This led to the demolition of many residential houses  as well as various shopping centers.

Birchfield is also known for its  Landmarks ; The Holy Trinity Church and Jame Masjid Sunni Mosque. The former was constructed in 1864 with its colourful Gothic designs. The latter was built in 1988 with red brick and also features a golden dome.

The famous  Birchfield Harries derived its name from this district. Politically, the district as part of a constituency  has Khalid Mahmood (Labour) as its representative. He serves as the MP representing Birmingham Perry Barr. Birchfield district as a ward is also represented by a Councillor from Labour Party.

Starting from Birchfield Community School located at Trinity Rd, Aston, Birmingham B6 6AJ, United Kingdom head southeast via Trinity Rd to Birchfield Independent Girls’ School located at 30 Beacon Hill, Aston, Birmingham B6 6JU, United Kingdom

From Birchfield Independent Girls’ School head southwest to Modality Circumcision Service located at The Laurie Pike Health Centre, 2 Fentham Rd, Birmingham B6 6BB, United Kingdom

From Modality Circumcision Service head northwest via Hampton Rd and Birchfield Rd/A34 to Wray And Whyte House located at 34 Salisbury Rd, Lozells, Birmingham B19 1NA, United Kingdom

From Wray And Whyte House head northeast via Birchfield Rd/A34 to Birchfield Library located at 3 Trinity Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham B6 6AH, United Kingdom

From Birchfield Library head northeast via Trinity Rd to Birchfield Community School located at Trinity Rd, Aston, Birmingham B6 6AJ, United Kingdom