Bournville is a suburb district, found on the south western axis of Birmingham. The village was initially established by the family of Quaker Cadbury. It was established for the workers at Cadbury’s factory. The initial plan was for the place to be used as a garden where no form of alcoholic product was to be sold. The Cadbury family were renowned for dealing in chocolates products – they had  a dark chocolate that bore the name ‘ Bournville’.

Bournville was  originally in the Northern axis of Worcestershire. Before its recent development, the district was made up of few farmlands  that were connected through country lanes. Thus, the district is still known for its ancient art works, especially Bluebell glades found in Stockwood and several other roman relics still existing.

The history of Bournville, truly cannot be told without reference to the Cadbury’s family. The Cadbury brothers, after assuming control of their Father’s factory, sought greener pastures. The brothers upon noticing the great potential which was inherent in present Bournville after they confirmed that Birmingham Railway will be constructed nearby, moved their business there in 1879.

The Cadburys being the first settlers, named the district ‘ Bournville’ which they took for a nearby river  that was called ‘the Bourn’. They took ‘ville’ from French which means ‘ town’.

The Cadburys then started constructing their factories all over the area. The brothers, being concerned about the fitness of their employees, introduced recreational equipment to aid them. In 1900,the brothers introduced Bournville Village Trust so as to regulate the estate’s development. The trust exists till date.

According to the 2001 census count, the district has 25,462 residents. The district’s population density was pegged at 4,217 persons per km². The district’s 90.1 % are of white racial origin while the Asians make up 3.9%.

As regards Education, the district has over four primary schools and one secondary school. The district ‘s major means of transportation is through roads and railways.

Starting from West Midlands Police located at Bournville police station, 341 Bournville Ln, Birmingham B30 1QX, United Kingdom head east via Woodbrooke Rd to Bournville Village Primary School located at Linden Road, Birmingham B30 1JY, United Kingdom

From Bournville Village Primary School head southeast via Bournville Ln to Bournville Lane located at 3 Bournville Ln, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2JY, United

From Bournville Lane head southeast via Bournville Ln and Beaumont Rd to Kings Norton Girls’ School and Sixth Form located at Selly Oak Rd, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1HW, United Kingdom

From Kings Norton Girls’ School and Sixth Form head northwest via Selly Oak Rd, Bournville Ln and Hay Green Ln to Bournville school located at Hay Green Ln, Birmingham B30 1SH, United Kingdom

From Bournville school head northeast via Hay Green Ln and Cob Ln to West Midlands Police located at Bournville police station, 341 Bournville Ln, Birmingham B30 1QX, United Kingdom