Frankley is a suburban district that is located within the civil parish of Birmingham. The district also has the Frankley estate which was newly built and has been incorporated as part of the city since the mid 1990s. Thus, in order to understand the rich history of this district,its sub – district (New Frankley) should also be looked at.

The New Frankley village falls under the Frankley district of Birmingham. It is however part of Birmingham’s civil parish, thus, it has a distinct parish council. The sub- District was founded in 2000 in a region that is within its South western axis. It is located southward of the Bartley Reservoir, which was moved from Bromsgrove, as well as Hereford and Worcester, found in the county of West Midlands. The sub- District according to the 2001 census count had a total of 7,890 residents. The sub- district on its northern boundary, has Bromsgrove district, its eastern border has the unparished axis of Birmingham. However, its southern and western borders have Rubery and Romsley parish respectively.

The earliest mention of Frankley was in 1086 as the Domesday Survey confirmed that it was listed within the hundred Canes  that were found in Worcestershire Town. In the mid-12th century however, Cane, alongside several other hundreds of Domesday were joined and Hundred of Halfshire was formed. The hundred of Halfshire, however, kept existing throughout the span of the 19th century.

Frankley district is also renowned for St.Leonards Church. The church which was constructed in the 15th century is situated northward of the Frankley district. The church was constructed using sandstone that was made up of grey and red colours. This however continued till 1965 when the church added two bells to its tower. St. Leonards however, added another church hall in 2005.

The village is also known for giving its name to a motorways service area. The motorway is located within the north western axis of Frankley district. The motorway however, opened its services in 1966.

Starting from St Leonard’s Church, Frankley located at Church Hill, Frankley, Birmingham B32 4BL, United Kingdom head east via Frankley Ln to Frankley WTW located at Waterworks Dr, Birmingham B31, UK, United Kingdom

From Frankley WTW head southwest via Trescott Rd to Domestic Installations located at 3 Charnwood Cl, Rubery, Birmingham B45 0JX, United Kingdom

From Domestic Installations head southwest via Frogmill Rd to Frankley Industrial Estate located at Tay Road, Rubery, Birmingham B45 0LD, UK

From Frankley Industrial Estate head northwest via New St to Frankley’s Local located at 166 Holly Hill Rd, Rubery, Birmingham B45 0EP, United Kingdom

From Frankley’s Local head northeast via Frankley Hill Ln to St Leonard’s Church, Frankley located at Church Hill, Frankley, Birmingham B32 4BL, United Kingdom