Hamstead is a suburb district that is found under Birmingham, England. It is located adjacent to the border of Sandwell and Birmingham, which is slightly between Great Barr and Handsworth Wood. Alternatively, it can be found in West Bromwich, beside the famous Sandwell Valley.

In the early 20th century, up until the 1950s, the Hamstead Colliery was established. The colliery was built primarily for Miners. Thus,presently, this location is commonly known as ‘Hamstead village.

River Tame is one of the Landmarks found in Hamstead. The river passes through Hamstead after following the path of Sandwell Valley. Thereafter, it continued touring the entire hamlet before converging into the Park of Perry Hall. It remains the biggest non navigable body of water of River Trent.

Thus, whenever it rains heavily, its banks can be filled up, thereby flooding the entire hamlet. Thus, as of last year, various agencies have worked round the clock to fortify the Sandwell axis so as to  ensure that the residents of Hamstead are not in danger of flooding.

Another landmark that can be found in Hamstead is the St Paul’s Church. In 1892, the Church was consecrated. The church premises also contain the famous Hamstead War memorial. The Memorial building was built to remember the residents of the district who died in the first world War.

As regards Education, the Hamstead boasts of a secondary school, banes ‘Hamstead Hall Academy. The major means of transportation in the district is through road and water. The canal of Tame Valley passed through the district beside the colliery site.

Thus, in the early 20th century, the canal was used regularly for the transportation of coal. The district also utilizes its railway station, Hamstead Railway which was opened in 1837.  The West Midlands Trains controls Hamstead railway station and it runs every 30 minutes in two directions.

Starting from Hamstead Infant School located at Tanhouse Ave, Great Barr B43 5AS, United Kingdom head northwest via Greenfield Rd to D P Forrest Ltd located at 145 Hamstead Rd, Birmingham B43 5BB, United Kingdom

From D P Forrest Ltd head northwest via Hamstead Rd/B4167 to United Reformed Church located at 1 Hamstead Rd, Birmingham B43 6QS, United Kingdom

From United Reformed Church head east via Hamstead Rd/B4167 and Heather Rd to Heather Road Florist located at 65 Heather Rd, Birmingham B43 5BX, United Kingdom

From Heather Road Florist head southeast via Stanton Rd to Wild Star Boxing located at Unit 6, Middlemore Business Park, Middlemore Lane West, Aldridge, West Midlands, Walsall WS9 8BG, United Kingdom

From Wild Star Boxing head southeast via West Rd and Spouthouse Ln to Subway located at Hamstead Rd, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 5EP, United Kingdom

From Subway head west via Hamstead Rd/B4167 to Hamstead Infant School located at Tanhouse Ave, Great Barr B43 5AS, United Kingdom