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Ladywood is a suburb district found in Birmingham, England. It is situated in the inner axis of Birmingham’s Central region.

Before now, the district was under Warwickshire Town. This changed in 2004, when the council of Birmingham city through its revision of its boundaries expanded the town’s wards from thirty-nine to forty. This increased the borders of the the district to include areas like Lee Bank, Birmingham City Centre and Hockley.

According to the 2001 census count of the district, the district had 23,789 residents. The district’s population density was pegged at 3,330 persons within its km². However, almost half of the district’s population is made up of ethnic minorities. The Afro-Caribbeans consist the biggest ethnic minority in the district as they account for 13.8% of the district’s population. Indians occupy the second place as their population is pegged at 11.65%. Pakistanis and Mixed races ethnic group consists 10.64% and 5.52 % respectively.

As regards developmental strides of the district, the district is not evenly developed as some of its areas have distinct level of development. It has the Jewellery section, which is made up of the wealthy class;  It has the city centre which is commonly known as the economic power house of the District; it also houses Broad Street which is famed for its luxurious houses ;the Lee Bank axis has a park that serves the residents of the district.

The other part of Ladywood, referred to as ‘remainer Ladywood’ was impoverished, however in 1960s,the area was redeveloped as its slums were evacuated for construction of skyscrapers. Inasmuch as the redevelopment, improved the lives of the locals, there was a surge in crime rates as drug dealing, car snatching became a common sight.

In recent times, the Council controlling the district has been pro-active as physical developments have been ongoing everywhere and various houses have affixed CCTVs to reduce behaviours considered anti-social.

Ladywood district has three representatives at the Council of Birmingham city : Carl Rice, Kath Hartley, Sir Albert Bore ( members of Labour Party).

Starting from Ladywood Pharmacy located at 16 King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2PZ, United Kingdom head south via Ledsam St to St John’s and St Peter’s C of E Academy, Ladywood located at St Vincent St W, Birmingham B16 8RN, United Kingdom

From St John’s and St Peter’s C of E Academy, Ladywood head southeast via Morville St and Ryland St to New Meeting Church located at 31 Ryland St, Five Ways, Birmingham B16 8BL, United Kingdom

From New Meeting Church head northeast via Grosvenor St W to National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham located at The Water’s Edge, Brindley Pl, Birmingham B1 2HL, United Kingdom

From National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham head northwest via King Edwards Rd to Nelson Primary School located at King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2PJ, United Kingdom

From Nelson Primary School head southeast via King Edwards Rd to Ladywood Pharmacy located at 16 King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2PZ, United Kingdom

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