The Northfield town is a little residential area in the southern suburb of Birmingham, England, close to the boundary of Worcestershire. Northfield is a known council constituency that gets management from its committee district. Northfield’s constituency includes Kings, Weoley Castle, Longbridge, and the smallest wards, Turves Green and West Heath.

In 1919, Northfield became a part of metropolitan Birmingham. Before then, Domesday’s book only made few mentions of it and was among the northern part of Worcestershire. The farthest part of northern Northfield is within the Model Bournville villages. The housing estates in the southern part saw constructions by the famous Austin Motors.

Northfield was the centre for the Midlands known nail factory around the 1900s. And during this time, it was home to the Austin Motors and the Paper Kalamazoo factory in the mid-2000s. Currently, Northfield reigns predominantly as a dormitory suburb and residential area in Birmingham.

The Longbridge factory and the Rover Austin factory both lie in the ward of Longbridge and is the most famous thing in this town. This car factory, River Austin, came into existence in 1905, with gradual expansion of seventy years. During this long duration, the car factory dedicated its time to constructing higher cars within a short period.

Northfield sits on a drained gravel stretch and sand that has long been under a shallow sea. The area of this town, Northfield, includes geographical rocks from several different periods. The town’s stratigraphic sequence, which causes the lands diversity of habitat and landscape, comprises Lickey Quartzite, Rubery Sandstone, Keele Clay and others.

According to the 2001 census in Northfield, this town had a record of about 23,042 residents living on its lands. The areas density population was about 4,417 persons per km² in contrasts to the 3,649 persons per km² in Birmingham. The percentage of ethnic minorities is considerably low at 4.9% opposed to Birmingham’s 29.6%

Starting from King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls located at 117 Turves Green, Birmingham B31 4BP, United Kingdom head northeast via Norman Rd to Bright Kids Northfield located at 18-20 Norman Rd, Birmingham B31 2EW, United Kingdom

From Bright Kids Northfield head northwest via B4121 to Northfield Shopping Centre located at Bristol Rd S, Northfield, Birmingham B31 2JU, United Kingdom

From Northfield Shopping Centre head southwest via Maas Rd to Northfield leisure centre located at Birmingham B31 2PD, United Kingdom

From Northfield leisure centre head southeast via Bristol Rd S/A38 to Simla (Northfield) located at 1285 Bristol Rd S, Birmingham B31 2SP, United Kingdom

From Simla (Northfield) head east via Bristol Rd S/A38 to King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls located at 117 Turves Green, Birmingham B31 4BP, United Kingdom