Selly Park City is a suburban residential district area in the southern West region of Birmingham, England. This area, Selly Park, lies between the A38 Road of Bristol and the A441 Road of Pershore. This suburban city bears the name of a Park initially associated with the Selly Hall, which is now among the Selly Convent.

This suburb, Selly Park, is part of the local electoral ward authority, Selly Oak. It is alongside the several districts of Selly Oak, the Ten Acres, Bournbrook, and a minor Stirchley part. Selly Park also falls under the local council Selly Oak constituency, managing its district committee. It comprises Selly Oak’s ward and several other wards including, Bournville, Braidwood, and Billesley.

Selly Park’s suburban city is the home of St Edwards, Raddlebarn, and the girl’s school of Selly Park, and they are all primary institution of education. The primary place of worship for the prominent Christian religion in Selly Park city is St. Edwards. Other major churches are St. Stephen (At Serpentine Road), the Baptist Church, and Christ Church at Selly Park.

In Selly Park, there are some very notable persons living there. W. Auden, Sir Richard Pinsent Alfred, Phil Lynott all lived between the late 18th and 19th century. An economist Florence P. lived in a Highfield house. Generally, Selly Park was and is still home to several Birmingham University academics.

Selly Park lies in the Southern West part of Birmingham between Bristol and Pershore roads. It is in the Western Midlands region of the metropolitan borough, Birmingham. Selly Park city is under the United Kingdom’s sovereign government, having a postcode district of B29 and dialling code of 0121. Selly Park’s OS grid reference number is SP053821.

The famous Alex Huggins had his first-ever Word Championship playing snooker at the Club, British Legion, in 1972, in the suburban city. However, the club saw demolition around the 2000s and has since then become residential block flats.

Starting from Selly Park Girls’ School located at 5 Selly Park Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham B29 7PH, United Kingdom head northwest via Selly Park Rd and Pershore Rd/A441 to Christ Church Selly Park located at 953 Pershore Rd, Birmingham B29 7PS, United Kingdom

From Christ Church Selly Park head northwest via Selly Park Rd to Selly Park Care Home located at 95A Oakfield Rd, Birmingham B29 7HW, United Kingdom

From Selly Park Care Home head southwest via Selly Park Rd and Elmdon Rd to St Edward’s R C Church located at Raddlebarn Rd, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 7DB, United Kingdom

From St Edward’s R C Church head east via Selly Ave to St Paul’s Convent located at 94 Selly Park Rd, Birmingham B29 7LL, United Kingdom

From St Paul’s Convent head southwest via Selly Park Rd to Selly Park Girls’ School located at 5 Selly Park Rd, Stirchley, Birmingham B29 7PH, United Kingdom