Warstock is slightly an unfamiliar district with Birmingham City, England. It lies close to the southernmost region (or suburb), roughly 1 km to the east of A435. The main area of this suburb centres on-farm on the road, the Daisy Farm. Generally, Warstock is one of the smallest recognisable districts in all of Birmingham.

In Warstock, the housing unit of this town mostly features semi-detached and terraced designs. Most of the building’s constructions took place around the early 1900s, housing the results of the initial baby boom. However, the two areas that saw development in the early 1950s have experienced reconstruction. These areas are Moundsley Grove / Whitlock Grove and Shorters Avenue.

Long ago, there existed several pubs in Warstock that attracted folks from nearby districts. Recently, only a few pubs remain (many closed down while demolition came to others). Some of the demolished pubs include Bagnall Arms (on Warstock Lane), The Haven (on 251 school lane), The Warstock (Yardley Wood’s Road), The Valley, and Maypole.

The surviving pubs include the Partridge and Dog at 146 Priory Lane (now a church) and The Horseshoe at Alcester Road. The Lodge at Solihull Lodge, Wales’s Prince at Southern part of Wales’s Prince Lane, DJ Quinns, and the Yardley Wood Club by the northern part of Wales’s Prince Lane.

Warstock lies on the southernmost part of Birmingham, roughly about 1 km due east of A435. This town is within the postcode of B14 and gets contiguous north-east of Yardley Wood, Highters Heath by the south, and Solihull Lodge south-east. Warstock is under the sovereign government of the United Kingdom.

There are several shops across two areas on Wales’s Prince Lane. On the road’s eastern side (in between High Street and Grafton Road), there is the post office for Warstock Town. This office lies within Solihull, but the postcode remains as Birmingham B14.

Starting from Warstock Community Centre located at 1 Daisy Farm Rd, Yardley Wood, Birmingham B14 4QA, United Kingdom head southeast via Prince of Wales Ln to Warstock Post Office located at 248 Prince of Wales Ln, Shirley, Birmingham B14 4LJ, United Kingdom

From Warstock Post Office head southwest via Prince of Wales Ln and Maypole Ln to Daisy Farm Recreation Ground located at Maypole Ln, Birmingham B14 5JS, United Kingdom

From Daisy Farm Recreation Ground head north via Daisy Farm Rd to Lulu Spanx Inc located at 138 Daisy Farm Rd, Birmingham B14 4QN, United Kingdom

From Lulu Spanx Inc head northwest via Daisy Farm Rd and Warstock Ln to Warstock Lane Centre located at 11 Warstock Ln, Birmingham B14 4AP, United Kingdom

From Warstock Lane Centre head southeast via Warstock Ln to Warstock Community Centre located at 1 Daisy Farm Rd, Yardley Wood, Birmingham B14 4QA, United Kingdom