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Heartland Hospital Birmingham

Heartlands Hospital is a public clinic located in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, England. It is governed by the institution Hospitals Birmingham, which is owned by the NHS foundation trust.

The hospital offers a high- skilled extensive array of facilities and techniques for its patients and guests. It’s devoted him a various public community with professionalism and dignity. It is a large site designed to contribute to the outstanding reasonable significance value of patient supervision and assistance services.

The hospital has its origin due to contagious diseases in the Little Bromwich hospital which was finalized in June 1895. It was just mainly used for emergency cases, it was commissioned due to typhoid fever outbreak in 1901. Later on, three more belvederes were built and more nurses were added in 1904.

During the First World War, patients with contagious diseases like fever, measles, diphtheria and tuberculosis were treated then. It then became a general hospital in 1953 after getting involved in the National Health Service and a  small Brownich Hospital, in 1984 was formed. Later on, the name was changed to East Birmingham Hospital in 1963.

The hospital had a noticeable expansion during the 1970s. It was named Heartlands Hospital in 1993. During the outbreak of smallpox in the country in 1783, Janet Parker got attended to and treated in the hospital. A new site is to be built inside the hospital, which is called the Ambulatory and it will be in full use by next year (2022).

It is a four-storey building of 18,000 sq metre will comprise a hundred and twenty waiting rooms where the patient meets with the doctor before treatments are administered,  twenty -six expertise in audiology and ear, nostrils and throat rooms, ultrasound and radiology rooms, and scan and magnetic resonance image scanning equipment.


Approved parking charges for all hospital sites:

30 mins– Free

2 hours visits – £3.10

4 hours – £5.10

6 hours – £7.20

24 hours – £10.20

Discounted multiple tickets

For those who pay regular visits to the hospital, a range of discount tickets are available from the hospital parking office. These include:

3 Day Ticket – £12.30

Neonatal Unit:

 7 Day Ticket £10.20

Other Units:

7 Day Ticket -£20.40

14 Day Ticket- £25.50

28 Day Ticket – £41

20 Exit Carnet – £10 (90 days validity)


The heartlands hospital is open for tje general public to visit on every weekday. Visitors are allowed entry between the hours of 8am-8pm daily.


Heartlands Hospital is located at Bordesley Green East which is also very close to A45 Coventry Road. The Hospital can be easily accessed at an intersection 6 of the M42 and intersection 6 of the M6 motorway.

The hospital can also be accessed by the Birmingham City Centre, which is nearly two miles past the Birmingham City Football ground.


Mobile number 0121 424 2000

Address: Bordesley Green East, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 5SS


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