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Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

Thinktank science museum previously known simply as Thinktank is a science depository based in England. It is an exciting and intriguing museum established in 2001, member to Birmingham’s Museums Trust located within the Millennium Point Complex at Curzon Street. 

The collection of items all began in the middle of the 19th century when it just weapons were collected from the gun trade and the Proof house in Birmingham. Later in 1951, the Museum of Science & Industry opened in Newhall Street acquiring customized artifacts as well as whole collections over the years related to local setups and the origin of science & technology.

Thinktank opened on the 29th of September, 2001 from funding by Birmingham City Council. As at that time, several objects were displayed at the museum, others were stored at the Birmingham Museum Collection Centre and some were evacuated for storage. Adjacent to the Science museum is a building known as Eastside City Park. It is also situated close to Aston University and the Gun Quarter (which over the years has been the centre for gun-manufacturing industries in the World). Immediately opposite Thinktank is a public house, one other building and a railway station.

Thinktank Science museum underwent an upgrade in 2005 worth £2 million in addition to a planetarium installation and had received over a million visitors by 2007. The Birmingham Museums Trust took over control and management affairs of the Museum as well as 8 other locations in April 2012.

Among its collections are: Stationary steam engines (Crossley vertical atmospheric gas engine, Corliss mill engine, Murray’s Hypocycloidal Engine, Easton & Amos pumping machine, Galloway Uniform engine, Belliss steam generator), aircrafts (Hawker Hurricane Mark IV, Supermarine Spitfire Mark IXc), cars (Mercedes Benz car, Lanchester petrol-electric car, Railton Mobil Special, Morris Mini-Minor, Austin 7), locomotives (Wililam Murdock’s model steam carriage, 46235 City of Birmingham), trams, machines (Button shank making machine, Woolrich generator ).

At the museum, you will find 4 floors having over 200 first-hand artefacts and exhibits, each floor with its own theme, in common going from the past, (level 0), over to level 1, and the level 2, to the future, in level 3.


Thinktank is closed as we speak and the date for reopening has not been announced but they promise to inform the general populace through their website and social media accounts as soon as the time comes.


Adults between the age of 16 to 64 are to pay £14

Children between the ages of 3 to 15 are to pay £10.25

Children less than 3 years of age – No entrance Fee

Adults above 65+ years are to pay £12

Concession i.e for students above 18 years/benefits are to pay £10.25

Planetarium show (not added to the Museum’s ticket price) goes for £2.50

Thinktank allows yearly membership that gives unlimited access for tourists to visit the Museums in Birmingham as well as heritage sites.


Millennium Point, Curzon Street Birmingham, B4 7XG


Textphone: 01212023207


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