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Having been a highly skilled and professional painting and decorating contractor in Birmingham for so long, we have, we’ve earned a good reputation as reliable school and college decorating tradesmen and we’ve in addition we’ve on top of all that we’ve undertaken the painting and decorating of several large universities in several areas of the country.

Whenever you want to hire a trustworthy painting company for a school or college painting project then we’ve the experience to complete the painting and decorating project to your specification. 

We are professional commercial painting contractors with many years of experience serving the local authority in Birmingham on school and college decorating projects.

We are very concerned with health and safety and do everything necessary to ensure the health and safety of the school pupils and staff as well as that of our own staff on site.

We know there might be times when you’ve got an immediate painting job that needs done quickly at the school or college. We have been asked to attend to schools and colleges very quickly when there have been incidents of graffiti to be painted over or when there have been acts of vandalism. You are in safe hands with us. We are a specialist painting and decorating company that will take care of all graffiti removal on the school grounds. If required we will undertake painting jobs like this outside school hours or at weekends so that we will not distract your teachers or pupils while we work.

Working on the successful completion of several well known university painting and decorating projects all over the country we been recognized for doing really good work on a number of large projects such as this. Even though we’ve been awarded the contracts for several very large painting jobs including the decorating of universities schools and colleges in Birmingham, we still like to take on work that is close to home and will always be very happy to quote for school and college painting and decorating in Birmingham. It is great being awarded as the university painters and decorators near Birmingham however that work does not happen frequently.

The daily wear and tear on paintwork within the school environment can be harsh and we recommend the use of a durable and washable paint for painting the walls.

It’s very frequently the case that other painting and decorating companies will only make use of these more durable paints in the washrooms and kitchens but we would suggest that they should be used on any walls within the classrooms, study halls and libraries too.

The types of painting tasks we do for school and college painting and decorating include decorating the classrooms, spray painting high ceilings and gym redecoration. We have become the specialists in the painting of science labs, study halls and libraries with the absolute minimum of inconvenience to your staff and students. We take care of all of the internal painting and decorating of wooden flooring including the preparation of, sanding and varnishing of the gym floors, assembly hall floors and any sports courts floors inside the school or college building.

 Where any line marking is required for walk ways and sports courts we will take care of that too.

For the exterior decorating at schools and colleges we are happy to undertake any masonry painting and that includes the power washing and preparation work. We can also do the window frame painting, gutters and down pipes, doors and fascia painting around the outside of the school or college.

When you need school painters and decorators near Birmingham or you want to hire specialist university decorators in Birmingham call on us. We will be more than happy to carry out a free survey and provide you with a free written quotation

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