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{{{Is it|When {it is|it’s}} time to look for|Are you in need of|Need to {hire|take on|employ}|When {you are|you’re} ready to {hire|employ|take on}} a {local|local area} painting and decorating contractor {in|near|close to} Birmingham to paint a school, college or university?|Are you {looking for|in need of|searching for} {a|a great|a reliable|a professional|a really {great|good}} {painting and decorating|decorating and painting|painting} {contractor|company} {in|near|close to} Birmingham to {paint|decorate} {a|your|the} school, college or university?|{Do you need|Are you {looking|ready|seeking} to {hire|employ|take on} a {great|really good|reliable|professional} {painting and decorating|decorating and painting|painting|decorating} {contractor|business|firm} {in|near} Birmingham to {paint|decorate} {the|your} school, college or university?|{Looking for|{Are you|When you are} looking for|Searching for} {the best|a great} {painting and decorating|decorating|painting|decorating and painting} {contractor|firm} in Birmingham to {paint|decorate} {your|a|the} school, college or university?} {Give us a call for a {fast|no nonsense|quick|competitive} free {quotation|quote} {on|for} {the|your} {work|project|job}| {Call on us|Call now|Give us a call} for {a|your} {quick and accurate|fast free|no nonsense} {quote|quotation} with no obligation|{Give us a call|Call on us|Call now} for a free {survey|site survey} and {quotation|free quote}|Then call on us|Just give us a call|Call us now}. {{We are|We’re} {your local|the most reliable|the most affordable|the profesional} painting and decorating {company|business|contractor} in Birmingham {specializing|who specialise|and we specialise} in school and college painting and decorating|{We have|We’ve} been {carrying out|undertaking|the contractor for|responsible for} painting and decorating {contracts}work|projects|jobs} for the local {authority|council|education authority} for schools and colleges in Birmingham for over 20+ years|{We are|We’re} {one of the leading|the main|the most professional|the specialist} painting and decorating and decorating {companies|businesses|firms} {in|near} Birmingham and {we have|we’ve} been {carrying out|providing|the {main|top} contractor for|the main painting {company|firm|business} for} school and college {painting|painting and decorating} for the {local authority|education authority|council} {in|near} Birmingham for over 20+ years}.

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{{{{Having|We have|We’ve}|As we have|As we’ve|Since we’ve} been in the {painting|painting and decorating|decorating} {business|trade}|Having been a {professional|skilled|highly skilled and professional} {painting|painting and decorating} contractor} in Birmingham {for so long, we have|for as long as we’ve been}, {we have|we’ve} earned a {great|good|fantastic|really great} {reputation|name for our business|name for ourselves} {as|as reliable|as trustworthy|for being|as professional} school and college {decorating|painting and decorating|painting} {contractors|tradesmen} and {we have|we’ve} {also|in addition} {we have|we’ve} on top {of|of all} {that we have|that we’ve} {completed|undertaken|been awarded with|been contracted to do} the painting and decorating of {several large|numerous|many|a number of} universities in {several areas|various parts|different parts} of the country|{We have|We’ve} been {in business|operating|in the painting business|trading} in Birmingham and have {earned a reputation|worked hard to earn a great reputation as|been recognised as} {professional|as the expert} school and college {decorating|painting and decorating|painting} {contractors|professionals} and {we have|we’ve} {also completed|been awarded with|been hired to} {complete|undertake} the {painting and decorating|painting|decorating} of {several|a few|a number of} {large|significant} universities {across|in different parts of|in several parts of} the country|{We have|We’ve} been {painting and decorating|a professional painting business|a trusted painting business} in Birmingham for {a long time|many years} and have {earned|worked hard to earn} {a|our} {great|good|tremendous|really good} {reputation|good name} as a {high quality|professional|reliable|trusted} school and college {decorating|painting} {company|business|firm}. {We have|We’ve} also {completed the|been awarded the contract for the|been recognized for our work in the|been hired to complete the} painting and decorating {of several|for a number of|for a few} {big|large|significant} universities {across|throughout} the country}.

{{When|If|Whenever} you {need|want} {to hire a|to take on a|to employ a|the services of a|a reliable} painting contractor for {a|your} school or college {then|just call on us because} we {have the experience and skills to|are the professionals to call on to|are just the {right|perfect} painters to call on to} {complete|carry out} your {project|job|project|undertake your {work|project}}|{If|When|Whenever} you {need|are in need of|want to hire|are ready for|ready to hire} a {reliable|professional|trustworthy} {painting|decorating|painting and decorating} {contractor|firm|company} for a school or college {decorating job|painting project|painting job} then {we have|we’ve} the {experience|skills and knowledge|you can rely on us} to {deliver|complete|finish|undertake} {your|the} {painting|painting and decorating|decorating} {project|job|work} {on time and in budget|on schedule|to your specification}}. 

{{We are|We’re|We’re your} {trusted and reliable|local|professional} commercial painting contractors with {lots|many years|years} of experience {working with|providing|serving} the local authority in Birmingham on school and college decorating {projects|jobs}|{We are|We have been|We’ve been} the {trusted and reliable|most professional|your professional} commercial painting contractors with {lots of experience|a lot of experience} {working with|serving|for many years serving|over several decades of service to} the local authority in Birmingham on school and college decorating {projects|painting projects|painting jobs}. {We are|We’re} one of {the few|a very small number of|a limited number of} decorating contractors Birmingham {education authority|local authority|council} {regularly turn to|engage|use|regularly hire} {to carry out the|for their|to undertake|to complete their} school {programmed|preventive|planned} {maintenance|maintenance and repairs}}.

{{Even though|Although|Regardless of the fact that} {much|most|the vast majority|almost all} of the school and college {painting and maintenance|repairs and painting|repairs and decorating|painting and decorating} {takes place over|is carried out during|happens over|will be done during} the summer {holidays|vacation|break} and {during|over} the {mid-term|middle of term|half term {breaks|holidays|closures} {all of|we ensure that each of} our {painters and decorators|painting staff|staff on site} are DBS checked and {cleared|verified}|{Although|Regardless of the fact that|Even though} {almost all|most|the majority|the lions share} of the school and college {painting and decorating|painting work|maintenance and repair|maintenance and decorating work} is {undertaken|carried out|completed} {during|in|over} the summer {holidays|break|closure} and {in|during|over} the {mid-term|half term} {breaks|closure|holidays} {all of our|we make sure that each of our|we ensure that our} {painters and decorators|painting staff|staf who will be on site} are DBS checked and {cleared|verified|registered}|{All of our|We ensure that all of our|We make certain that all of our} {painters and decorators|painting staff|tradesmen who will be on site} are DBS checked and {cleared|verified}. {So even though much|Regardless of the fact that {most|much|the majority}|It does not matter that most} of the school and college {decorating and painting|repairs and decorating|painting and maintenance|painting work} {takes place|is carried out|will be done} {in|over|during} the summer {holidays|break|vacation} {we still wanted to ensure|we want|we want to certain that} our customers and clients to {feel secure|be safe and secure}}. {{We are|We’re} {fully|properly} {insured|covered} for all painting and decorating {projects|work|jobs} {on|that we carry out on|that we undertake on} {public|your} property {with|and have|and we hold} {full|comprehensive} {public and employers|public} liability {insurance|insurance cover}|We {hold all|have|have all} {the required|the necessary|comprehensive} public liability insurance {cover|cover in place} which {is just what you would expect|which is expected|which is required} from any commercial painting and decorating {company|contractor|firm}|{As you would expect from any|As is expected of any|As is required of all} commercial painters and decorators we {hold|have} the {necessary|required} {public|employers and public|public and employers} liability insurance {cover|cover in place}}. {{We have|We’ve} been {carrying out|engaged for the|hired to complete the} painting work {around|in|inside and outside} schools and colleges for {many years|over 20+ years|over two decades} and are {very|most|extremely} familiar with the {special|specialist|individual} requirements {for working|when working|when carrying out painting work} in the school environment|{{We have|We’ve}|{We have|We’ve} complete and very|{We have|We’ve} documented and very} detailed risk assessments and {method statements|work instructions|safety instructions|safety procedures} which are {frequently|very often} {part of the requirements for|required before we can begin} working in the school environment|We are {very familiar|well versed} with the {special|specialist|safety|health and safety} {requirements|regulations} for working in the school environment}. {{The health|Health and safety|The safety and well being} of our {painters and decorators|painting team|staff|workers}, the sch|concern} and in {20+ years|{over|more than} two decades} in business we {have been|are proud to be|are happy to say that we are} {accident free|free of any accidents}|{The health and safety|safety and well being} of the school {pupils|students} and staff as well as {the welfare|that of our} of our own {employees|workers|staff} is our {number one|main|major} {priority|concern}| We are {extremely|very|heavily} {focused on|concerned with} health and safety and {do everything necessary|will do anything necessary|all that is needed|everything in our power} to {ensure|provide for|guarantee} the health {and safety|and well being} of the school {students|pupils} and staff {as well as|as well as that of|in addition to that of} our own {employees|workers|staff|painters and decorators|painting staff|staff on site}}.

{{{Some times|sometimes} {there can be|you may have}|There {can|may|might} be {times|a time|an occasion} when {you have|you’ve got}|We know there {are|may be|might be} times when {you have|you’ve got}} an {urgent|immediate} {need for painting|job that needs painting|painting job that needs done quickly|painting job that needs to be taken care of} at {your|the} school or college|{There can be times|There are occasions|Events will arise} when you {have an {urgent|immediate} {need|requirement} for a {painter|painter and decorator}|{need|require} {some|a bit of} painting work done {quickly|right away}} at your school or college|We {know there {are|can be|may be}|know you {have|may have|probabaly have} experienced|can help for those} {occasions|times} {when|whenever} you {may have an {urgent|immediate} {requirement|need} for {painting|a painter}|really {need|want|require} {some|a piece of} {painting|paint work} {done|carried out} {quickly|right away}|urgently need a painter} at {your|the} school or college}. {{Perhaps|Maybe it’s because} {there has been some|that’s because of} vandalism or graffiti {at|inside|outside} the school or college building that {needs to|must} be {removed or painted|painted} over {quickly|really quickly|without delay}|{Maybe|That could be because|It might because} {there {has been|was}|of} an incident where vandalism has {occurred|happened} {or|or maybe} graffiti {must|that has to} be painted over quickly|{{We have|We’ve} been asked|There have been occasions when {we have|we’ve} had} to attend to schools and colleges {very quickly|quickly} {where|when} there have been {incidents|acts} of graffiti to be {painted over|over painted} or when {there have been acts of vandalism|vandalism has taken place}}. {We can help|You are in safe hands with us|We can take care of your painting emergency|Let us take care of that for you|Rest assured that we will look after that for you}. {We are a {specialist|professional} painting {contractor|and decorating company} {that|who} {can|will} {help with|undertake|take care of all} graffiti removal on the school {grounds|property|buildings}|{{We have|We’ve}|We’ve got} the {specialist|specialised} {equipment|machinery} {to be able|that enables us} to {remove|get rid of the} graffiti {quickly|effectively} and {have the|we can have the offending} area {repainted|painted over} without {fuss|further delay|delay}|{We have|We’ve got} {the|the necessary} {knowledge|Expertise|skills} and experience to {quickly and effectively|very quickly|very effectively} have the graffiti removed and {painted over|the area painted over}|{When it comes to|If you need} graffiti removal we {have the specialist equipment|expertise and equipment} to {do the job|carry out the work|take care of it for you} and we can quickly paint over the offending area}. {{When required|If required|If you need it done} we {can|will} {undertake|take care of|carry out} {this work|these jobs|painting jobs like this} {after|outside} school hours or at {weekends|the weekend} {so that|to ensure|to be certain that} we {will not|won’t} {disrupt|distract} your teachers or {pupils|students} {while we work|when we are working}|{When|If} you need {this|this type of} {work|painting job} done {quickly|in a {hurry|rush}} {call on us|give us a call} because {we can|we are happy to} do {the work|jobs like this} outside school hours or at the weekends {so that|to ensure that} your staff and students {need|will} not be {disrupted|distracted}|{We can|For your convenience we can} {take care of|carry out|undertake} {this type of work|work like this} outside school hours or {at the|over the} weekend so that we {won’t|don’t|will not|do not} {disrupt|distract} your {students or staff|staff and students}}.

{{We have|We’ve} {earned|worked hard to earn} a great reputation {with|from} {several|a nu|we’ve} {completed|undertaken|been involved with|worked on} around the country|{From the|having been part of|Working on the} successful completion of {several|a number of} {high profile|well known} university {painting and decorating|decorating} {contracts|projects} {around|all over|across} the country we {have {earned|worked hard to earn} a reputation|been recognized} for {doing great|the quality of our|our great|doing really good} {work|painting} on {several large|large|a number of large} {projects|jobs like this|projects such as this}|{We are {proud|really proud} {of having|to have} been|Having been} {involved|contracted} {on the painting|in the decorating|in the painting and decorating} of {many|several|a number of} {high profile|well known} university {buildings|campus’} {around|across|up and down} the country and {{earned|have got} a great reputation|been recognized} for {delivering|completing our work with} a perfect finish {every single time|in every case|on each project}}. {{Although|Even though|Regardless of the fact that} we are {probably one of the|one of the|among the} {larger|most professional|most reliable and experienced} {painting and decorating|painting|commercial decorating} {companies|firms|businesses} {in|around|near} Birmingham and {we love working locally|we like to work local|like you we love to work local}, when it {comes|comes down} to {very large jobs|large projects|large scale contracts} {such as|for instance|for example} schools colleges and university {decorating|painting|painting and decorating} {we are|we’re|you can be sure that we will be} {happy|more than happy} to travel {up to 100 miles|100 miles or more|for up to 2 hours} {from|away from} Birmingham|{Even though|Although} {we have|we’ve} been {hired for|awarded|awarded the contracts for} {many|a number of|several} {very large|large|large scale} {painting jobs|projects|contracts} including the {decorating|painting|painting and decorating} of universities schools and {colleges|colleges {near|in|close to} Birmingham}, we {still like|love|really enjoy being able} to {take on work that is|work|get work that is} {local|local to us|close to home} and {we are|will|we will} always be {happy|more than happy|very happy} to {give you a quote|quote|provide you with a quote for|provide a quotation} for school {and college|college and university} {painting|painting and decorating|decorating} in Birmingham}. {{Large projects|Large scale projects|Larger contracts} {such as|like} the {painting and decorating|painting|decorating} of {universities|schools and colleges|schools colleges and universities} {in|close to|nearby} Birmingham do not {come up for tender|happen|come around} {very often|often enough}|University {decorating jobs|painting contracts|painting and decorating projects} {close to|near|in} Birmingham do not {come to tender|come around|come up} {often|very often}|{It is|For a business like ours it is|For us it is} {great|fantastic} {being|to be} {recognised|awarded|regarded} as the university {decorators|painters and decorators|painting experts} {in|near|close to} Birmingham {but|however} {that work does not happen frequently|sadly that scales of project does not happen often|{projects|contracts} of that {scale|size} {do not|don’t} come {around|up|to tender} {often|very often|often enough}}}.

{{The|I’m sure you will agree that|We all know that the} school environment {can be harsh|is tough|is harsh|can be tough} on {the paintwork in busy corridors and communal areas|the paintwork|paintwork in high footfall areas} {so|therefore|and because of this} we {recommend that our clients use|recommend a using} a {hard wearing, durable and|hard wearing but|durable and} washable {emulsion|silk emulsion} paint {on|for|to be used on} {interior school walls|the walls of classrooms and study halls|the walls inside the school}|The {day to day|daily|every day} wear and tear on {paintwork|paint on the walls in busy places} {within|inside|in} the {school or college|school} environment {can be harsh|is often harsh|can be tough|is often tough and abrasive} and we {recommend|usually recommend} {the use of|that our clients use|that our customers choose} a {tough, hardwearing|durable|hard wearing} and washable paint {for use on|for painting|when decorating} the {walls in these busy places|walls|walls where footfall is high}|{Typically|Very often|Usually} {the daily|day to day} wear and tear {on the paint in busy places|on paintwork|on the wall paint in busy areas} in the {school and college|school} environment {can be tough|is harsh|can be harsh} so {we|we regularly|we frequently} {recommend|suggest} our clients {make use of|choose} a durable and washable {emulsion paint|paint} {on the walls – especially in high foot traffic areas|for the walls of busy spaces such as hallways|for the busier areas such as hallways and common areas}}.

{{Some|Many|A lot of} {painting contractors|painting and decorating companies|painting and decorating firms} will only {use these types of paint|use this|make use of these paints} in the school washrooms and canteen but we {suggest the use of the durable paint|recommend using it|highly recommend the use of it} {in|throughout|in all} the classrooms, {lecture theatres, staff rooms and student study halls|staff rooms and study halls}|{It is|It’s very} {often|frequently} the {case|situation} that {most other|many|other} {painting contractors|painting and decorating companies} will only {use|make use of|suggest using} these more {costly but durable|expensive|durable} paints {in|in the|for the walls in} washrooms and {canteen and dining areas|kitchen areas|kitchens} but {we|we would|we regularly} {recommend|suggest} that {they should be|it be|it should be} {selected for use|used|applied} {throughout|to the walls of|on any walls within} the classrooms, study halls and libraries {as well|too|also}|{We|We would|We often} {recommend|suggest} {to our clients make use of|that a|our clients consider using a} durable and washable {paint|emulsion paint} be {chosen for use on the walls|used|used on walls} {throughout|within} the classrooms libraries and study halls|{Many|Other|We know that most other} painting {contractors|companies} will {only use|really ever use|limit the use of} this more {expensive|costly} paint {in|on areas such as|to a small number of areas like the} washrooms and kitchens}.

{{The types|Some examples|Examples} of {decorating jobs|painting tasks} we {do|complete|undertake|have undertaken} for {schools colleges and university|school and college} {painting|painting and decorating|decorating} include {classroom painting|the painting of classrooms|decorating the classrooms}, {spray painting|spray painting high ceilings} and gym redecoration|{The type of|Some of the|A few examples of the type of} {painting and decorating work|painting work|decorating jobs} {we can do|we will normally do|we very often undertake} for {schools colleges|schools} and universities {in|close to|nearby} Birmingham {are jobs that include|includes|include tasks such as} spray painting {gym|high|hall} ceilings, {classroom painting|the painting of classrooms} and {common area|assembly hall|dining hall} redecoration|{We can complete|We will undertake|We are happy to take on} the difficult {painting and decoration work|painting jobs|decoration tasks|decorating and painting work} that {you’ll find in|that comes with working in|that are part and parcel of working around} schools, colleges and universities {such as|like|for example} spray painting {high gym|of high} ceilings, {redecoration|the painting|complete re-painting} of the library and assembly halls and {decorating|painting} classrooms}. {{We are|{We have|We’ve} become the|We have made a name for ourselves as the} specialists in {decorating|the painting of} science labs, {libraries and study halls|study halls and libraries} with {the|the absolute|the very} minimum of {disruption|fuss|inconvenience to your staff and students}|{{We have|We’ve} lots|We’ve got years} of {experience in working|experience|expertise} in {the painting and decoration of|decorating|painting} areas {such as|like} {the school science labs, libraries|the school libraries, the science labs} and study halls with {the minimum of disruption of the school|as little disruption as possible|as little fuss as possible}}. {{In fact|For your convenience|To make life as convenient as possible} {we can|we will|we’ll} {take care of|look after|take control of} all interior {painting|decorating|painting and decorating} including {sanding and varnishing|the preparation, sanding and varnishing} of {the gym floor|wooden floors in the gyms|your wooden floors in the gym area} and badminton or squash courts|{We take care of|To make life easier for you we will take control of|To make your job easier we will also undertake} {all of|any of} the {internal woodwork painting and interior decorating|internal painting and decorating of wooden flooring} including {sanding and varnishing|the preparation of, sanding and varnishing} of {the gym|gym|the gym floors}, assembly hall floors {and sports courts|and any sports courts floors|or the floors in any sports courts} inside the {buildings|school or college building}|{We look after|To make life easier for you we will manage|To make your life a little easier we can handle} all aspects of the interior {decorating|painting and decorating} {for example the|including|such as} sanding and varnishing of the wooden floors in the {gym and assembly halls, canteen floors|gyms, badminton courts, dining halls and assembly hall} and any {inside|indoor} sports courts}.

 {{We will|We’ll|We can} also {look after|take care of|undertake} {all of the |the|any} line marking {of|required for|that needs to be done within} playing courts|{If|Where any} line marking is {required|needed} for {walk ways and sports courts|sports courts or walkways} we will {undertake that task|take care of that|paint them} {also|too}|{If there is|Where you have a need for|When you need} any line marking {for|on} the floors {of|on} sports courts {and|or|or for any} walkways we {can|are happy|will} look after {that|those|those tasks} {too|also}}.

{{For the|When it comes to|For all your} exterior decorating at schools and colleges we {will|are happy to|are really keen to} {undertake|carry out|take on} any masonry painting {including|and that includes} {any|the} power washing and preparation work|{Where|When|Whenever} {there is|you have} a need for exterior decorating at schools and colleges {we will|we’ll|We’re happy to} {carry out|complete|undertake} all the {necessary|required} preparation works {including|such as} power washing {in advance of|to get the walls ready for} masonry painting|{Whenever it is time to do|Where|When} the exterior {decorating|painting and decorating} {at|at the} schools and colleges {includes|calls for} masonry painting we {are happy to take on|will undertake|will do|carry out} all the {necessary|required} preparation works including power washing {the|external|of the outside} walls to remove dirt and loose paint|{Those|For the|Whenever the} painting jobs that {are part of|come with} {decorating a|painting contracts at a} school or college that {no painter enjoys|not many painters enjoy|most painters do not really like} doing – {such as|for example|jobs such as the} power washing the external walls {to get ready |to prepare|in preparation} for masonry painting – we are happy to do {them all|the lot|all of them}}. {We {can|will|can also} {undertake|do|look after} the window frame painting, {doors fascia and guttering|gutters and down pipes, doors and fascia} painting {around|on|to} the {outside|exterior} of {your|the} school or college|We are happy to take {care of|ownership for} the {difficult and often detailed|detailed and often difficult} work {outside|around the external walls of} {your|the} {school|school or college} such as {window frame painting, gutter cleaning and painting, doors and fascia painting|the painting of the fascia, gutters, doors and window frame painting}|{Certain|Certain aspects of the} external {painting|decorating} work {such as|for example} window frame painting, {cleaning and painting the gutters|the cleaning and painting of guttering}, the soffit and the fascia {can be|can often be|is often} slow and {awkward|difficult} work but we are happy to {take care of|complete|do} it all.}.

{{When you need|Whenever you are in need of|When it is time for you to hire} {school or college painters|school painters and decorators|reliable school painters} {in|near|close to} Birmingham or {you want|or you need|you would like} to {hire|hire expert|hire specialist} university decorators in Birmingham {call on us|call us}|{Call on us|Call us first|Give us a call} when you {are ready to hire|need|require} {school|professional school|experienced school} or college painters in Birmingham|Give us a call when you need {reliable|reputable} school or college {painters|painters and decorators} in Birmingham|Look no further when {you need to hire|you are in need of professional} school or college {painters|painting contractors|painting and decorating firms} in Birmingham – you’ll be happy you did}. {We will be {happy|more than happy|very happy to help you and} to {carry out|conduct|provide you with} a free survey and provide you with a {no obligation|free} written quotation|We are always happy {to carry out|provide our clients with} a free {survey|onsite consultation} and provide you with a {no obligation|written} quotation and answer any questions {you might have|that arise}|{Have|Why not have} us call {out|to your school or college} and provide you with a free survey and a {written quotation without obligation|no obligation written quotation for your work}.}

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