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If you are searching for reliable painters for industrial floor painting in Birmingham well then call on us. We have stayed in business for over 20+ years as your local industrial painting contractor in Birmingham Industrial floor preparation and floor painting are a few of the specialised services that we offer or clients in the region.

Painter And Decorator Birmingham

In the event that you are only searching for the usual exterior and interior decorating services we can aid with that. We will paint walls, ceilings, doors and windows as you would get out of a house and commercial painting contractor. Nevertheless if you professional painting and decorating solutions for an industrial contract well then this is just where we specialise. 

As far was we can tell, no other painting business in Birmingham can offer you with the specialised industrial painting services that are needed for painting a garage floor, a shop or even a factory floor- but we can. Frequently there is a need for concrete floor repairs– consisting of crack and loose concrete repairs. We will take care of this for you. We will also look after all the required preparations which can include diamond grinding of concrete floors. Our fields of expertise remains in the specialist installation of resin floors and other epoxy resin floor coating.

Epoxy resin flooring has certainly become very popular as a decorative floor coating over the last few years. Epoxy resin can certainly provide you a number of strengths over a ground concrete finish.

If your firm needs a hygiene flooring well then an epoxy coating provides the solution. Where slip resistance is a requirement well then a grit can certainly be added to the resin coating prior to installation.

Oil spills in garages can certainly damage conventional oil based painted floors. Our epoxy resin for industrial floor coatings has certainly been created to be chemically resistant. They in addition provide an included antislip resistance over paint and are especially well fit for garage flooring and showrooms. We can certainly in addition provide the conventional garage floor paint, and yet provided the hard wear resistance of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings – conventional flooring paint is rarely used. We are able to provide you with epoxy resins ideal for anti static floors for those businesses who make or manage delicate electronic gadgets.

Numerous large jobs our company carried out were for the epoxy resin flooring and entire floor preparation to a number of levels within a multi story car-park. On these tasks our company were picked as the painting contractor since our company could carry out all of the needed work from the industrial floor preparation right through to the application of the last coating system which in this instance was a wear resistant floor epoxy screed. For car-parks our company will apply the line marking for pedestrian walkways and any automobile parking bas as required. We can in addition add an anti slip finishing for the pathways to provide significantly greater slip resistance in slippery conditions.

Within the landing areas and stairwells we were charged with laying on a decorative floor coating. For this we used an epoxy coating with a handful of assorted coloured dyes added to develop a swirling decoration in the floor covering. We can develop flooring finish coats that are slip resistant but simultaneously chemically resistant. So they are certainly safe for pedestrians and any chemicals that are made use of for washing or disinfecting will not lead to damage to the surface finish.

If your intent is to keep the steelwork and ventilation ducting exposed in the ceiling of your building then you might be searching for an onsite spray painiting service to spray them? We can aid with jobs like these. We also paint on the intumescent painting to add fire safety to structural steelwork.

We are your trustworthy painting business for industrial floor painting in Birmingham Call us a get a free survey and written quote for your work without commitment. We offer all the painting services that you could ever need from fantastic property and industrial fit out decorators. Go ahead and call us now for your free quote. If you are thinking about having an epoxy floor installed and would like more details then give us a call. Our epoxy paint is readily available in a choice of colours for you to select from. Ask us for a colour chart when you call. Call us and arrange for a free site survey, an specialist advice or even simply a free written quote.

When you are searching for help or recommendations about epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor or even a floor surface in your home – get in touch with us to begin with. Our team are the resin flooring professionals in Birmingham If you have any concerns regarding an epoxy floor then give us a call to discuss your needs and your project.

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