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Acocks Green

Acocks Green is a ward found in  Birmingham, England. It is located in the southeast region of Birmingham. The ward derived its name from the Acock family, a family renowned for building huge houses in the village around 1370.   Acocks Green alongside three other wards, make up the former district of Yardley.

Acocks Green ward used to be smaller than its present size till the 20th century when it was merged with Stockfield, a separate village that faced northward of Acocks. After merging, Acocks Green currently occupies 2 sq mi and is made up of : Gospel Estate, Pemberley Road Flats, Edenbridge Road Estate and Yarnfield Estate. The ward also extends to postcode areas like B27 and B11.

The present site of Acocks Green developed from the northern side of the center where Westley and Shirley roads intersect. The district’s oldest reference was in the Parish Register of Yardley in 1604. The ward was given as a wedding gift by Richard Acock to one of his sons during his wedding.

In the mid – 18th century, the Birmingham and Warwick canal passed through Acocks. This led to the construction of Wharves on Yardley and Stockfield roads. The canal also brought enormous prosperity to the ward as people were prompted to erect big houses and expansive farmlands.

Acocks started growing in the 19th century, after it was linked to Birmingham and the Oxford railway. The ward experienced an increase in population after the absorption of Yardley in 1911.

According to the 2001 census count, it was published that 26,635 people reside in Acocks Green. The population density of the ward is 5,580 persons per km². 51.5% of the ward’s residents are females while it has 48.5% as its male residents. The ward has 80.4% of its populace, from white racial origin while 0.7% are of Asian origin.

John O’ shea( Labour) alongside Roger Harmer (Liberal) reprensts the Acock Green ward at the Birmingham City Council. In the house of commons, Acocks Green forms part of Yardley constituency and has Jess Philips as its representative.

As regards Education, Acocks has two secondary schools and seven primary schools. Acock’s major means of transportation is through roads and railways.

Starting from Ninestiles School an Academy located at Hartfield Cres, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7QG, United Kingdom head northeast via Greenwood Ave to Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School located at Victoria Rd, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7XY, United Kingdom

From Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School head northeast via Victoria Rd and Oxford Rd to Acocks Green Station Car Park located at Birmingham B27 6NQ, United Kingdom

From Acocks Green Station Car Park head southwest via Oxford Rd and Warwick Rd/A41 to Western Union located at 1138 Warwick Road Acocks Green, Albemarle And Bond Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6BL, United Kingdom

From Western Union head west via Westley Rd/B4146 to Food Fashion Ltd located at 218 Fox Hollies Rd, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7PP, United Kingdom

From Food Fashion Ltd head west via Westley Rd/B4146 to Acocks Green Christian Centre located at 100 Westley Rd, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7UL, United Kingdom

From Acocks Green Christian Centre, head southwest via Fox Hollies Rd/A4040 and Hartfield Cres to Ninestiles School an Academy located at Hartfield Cres, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7QG, United Kingdom

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