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Allens Cross

Allen is a suburb district found under Birmingham. It is a ward under the council of Birmingham city. It is located in South-western axis of Birmingham and extends to the urban region that is located within the town centre of Northfield. The district was established in 2018, after the adjustments of boundaries. This adjustment led to the growth of the districts contained in the City. Thus, Birmingham’s wards grew to 69.

The district was carved out of the former ward of Weoley and forms part of the Constituency of Birmingham Northfield.

One of the ancient Landmarks of the district was St Bartholomew, though it has been demolished. St Bartholomew is a church parish underneath the Church of England and is located in Allen’s Cross.

In 1937,Councillor R. Canning, laid the stone for  the foundation of the church. However, it was an offspring of St Bathlomew ‘s Church that is located in Birmingham. The latter was demolished in 1937 after its structures began deteriorating.

St. Bartholomew’ s Church in Allen’s cross was beautifully designed as it incorporated a Romanesque pattern of building. Samuel Nathaniel Cooke was the architect that designed the church. After the construction of the church, Ernest Barnes, the then-Bishop of Birmingham consecrated it in 1938. Sixty years later (1998), the church was attacked by arsonists. The Church’s building was however demolished in 2006.  Currently, the members of the Church have been using temporary structures till a permanent structure is erected.

Another noteworthy feature of the district is its Community Association. The body was formed in 1931 after local authorities failed to erect such a structure for the promotion of communal spirits of the residents.

The Association was formed when a group of volunteers came to erect a hall made of bricks, it was later extended to include sporting facilities and fields for advanced agriculture.

Mr Christopher Cadbury was quite instrumental in its formation as he donated the needed funds. This development later spread all over the United Kingdom.

Allen Cross as an electoral ward is represented by Eddie Freeman(Conservative).

Starting from St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School located at Frankley Beeches Rd, Birmingham B31 5AB, United Kingdom head northeast via A38 to Little Men and Misses Childrens Day Nursery located at 645 Bristol Rd S, Birmingham B31 2JS, United Kingdom

From Little Men and Misses Childrens Day Nursery head northwest via B4121 to Malcolm’s Gardens located at 451 Shenley Ln, Birmingham B29 4JH, United Kingdom

From Malcolm’s Gardens head southwest via Meadow Brook Rd and Merritt’s Brook Ln to One Stop located at 227 Merritt’s Brook Ln, Birmingham B31 1UJ, United Kingdom

From One Stop head southwest via Trescott Rd to Merritts Brook E-act Primary Academy located at 150 Trescott Rd, Birmingham B31 5QD, United Kingdom

From Merritts Brook E-act Primary Academy head east via Frankley Beeches Rd to St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School located at Frankley Beeches Rd, Birmingham B31 5AB, United Kingdom

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