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Aston is a district found in Birmingham, England. It is located in the North-Eastern region and roughly 1.5 miles away from the Birmingham town center. It is a ward though under metropolitan authority.

The earliest place Aston was mentioned was in Domesday book, around 1086. It was referred to as ‘Estone’ which had a mill and priest. Thus, it was likely a church.

Before now, the parish of Aston was quite large. It was subsequently divided from Birmingham’s parish through the AB row. The AB row however, is currently found in the eastern side of the city.

Aston before its absorption by Birmingham’s Borough in 1911, was governed by a board made up of local residents, which in 1903 was later transformed to the Urban District Council.

After the end of the second world War, the southern axis of Aston was mapped out for redevelopment. After the redevelopment, it was renamed ‘Newtown’. Newtown is a big estate that contains sixteen towers.

Immediately the defects in most Aston houses were noticed, the city council raised money for the homeowners to modernize their buildings.

Between the timeframe of 2001 and 2011, Aston, through the Birmingham regeneration project, utilized £54 million for the improvements of buildings, provision of affordable health services to the residents and creation of job opportunities for over a thousand jobless individuals.

According to the 2011 census carried out, Aston has 22,636 residents. 69.1% of its residents were of Asian origin, Black British constituted 16.4% while white British stood at 7.8%.

The crime rate in Aston is not high as an average of 300 crimes are reported monthly. As regards politics, Aston has two representatives ; Nagina Kauser and Muhammad Afzal(Labour Party). As regards the educational sector, the ward has three secondary schools, seven primary schools and two modernized public libraries.

Starting from Aston University located at Aston St, Birmingham B4 7ET, United Kingdom head southeast via Dartmouth Middleway/A4540 to King Solomon International Business School located at Lord St, Birmingham B7 4AA, United Kingdom

From King Solomon International Business School head north via Richard St and Chester St to Aston Brook Green – Community located at Aston Brook Green, Aston, Birmingham B6 4AS, United Kingdom

From Aston Brook Green – Community head north west via Upper Sutton St to Mosque and Muslim Community Centre Aston located at 237 Albert Rd, Birmingham B6 5NA, United Kingdom

From Mosque and Muslim Community Centre Aston head south via Upper Sutton St to Aston Manor Academy located at Phillips St, Aston, Birmingham B6 4PZ, United Kingdom

From Aston Manor Academy head south via Aston Rd N/A5127 to Aston University located at Aston St, Birmingham B4 7ET, United Kingdom

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