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Bartley Green

Bartley is a suburb district, found in the South western axis of Birmingham Town centre. It is commonly known for its large concentration of residential homes. On its eastern border, it has Weoley, its southern border has Frankley ward, the Western border has Worcestershire county while the northern border has both Woodgate valley park and Quinton.

The earliest mention of Bartley Green was in 1086, when the Domesday book referred to it as Berchelai, which means, cutting birch trees. It was subsequently mentioned around 1657. Though, at that time, it bore its current name.

Bartley Green started developing rapidly after the second World War ended. In the mid 1940s, a series of council housing and private homes were erected. One of the town’s notable sites was the Athol farm which was constructed around 1965 and featured five towers. However, these structures are no longer standing as they have been demolished.

According to the 2001 census count, it was discovered that the district has 25,473 residents. Its population density was 2,807 individuals per kilometer. Females constituted 53.2% of the population while males made up 46.8 %. As regards ethnic groups, Britons of white racial origin constitute 87% of the population, Black Caribbeans made up 3% of the population.

Bartley Green has been known for its huge interest in sports related activities as evidenced by possessing over 4 football teams.

Bartley Green has also not abandoned its tourism potentials as through its Woodgate Valley Park, it offers great scenery and entertainment to the residents and foreigners alike.

As regards politics, Bartley Green falls under the constituency of Birmingham, Edgbaston. Since it became part of the constituency, the Labour Party has been the dominant party in every election. Its current representative is Preet Gill.

As regards Education, Bartley Green has been blazing the trail as they have eight primary schools. It also houses three secondary schools and one University, Newman University.

Starting from Bartley Green School located at Adams Hill, Birmingham B32 3QJ, United Kingdom head east via Adams Hill and Jiggins Ln to Bartley Green Football Club located at 85 Jiggins Ln, Bartley Green, Birmingham B32 3LD, United Kingdom

From Bartley Green Football Club head northeast via Jiggins Ln to 167 Jiggins Ln located at 167 Jiggins Ln, Birmingham B32 3EP, United Kingdom

From 167 Jiggins Lane, head southeast via Modbury Ave and Tamerton Rd to Halloween Trail located at 15 Park End Dr, Birmingham B32 3LJ, United Kingdom

From Halloween Trail head southwest via Monmouth Rd and Cromwell Ln to Newman University – Birmingham located at Genners Ln, Bartley Green, Birmingham B32 3NT, United Kingdom

From Newman University – Birmingham head northwest via Genners Ln and Adams Hill to Bartley Green School located at Adams Hill, Birmingham B32 3QJ, United Kingdom

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