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Billesley is a suburb district found under Birmingham, England. It is approximately 7 kilometres off  the southern axis of the town’s centre. The district contains a substantial part of the road leading to Hollybank as well as Yardley wood . On its Western border, it has Brandwood and King’s Heath ward, its eastern border has Hall Green South ward while its northern and south – eastern borders have Moseley and Shirley west wards respectively.

Billesley derived its name from a man, Bill, who has Anglo-Saxon roots. He was one of the first people to occupy the district. ‘Ley’ refers to woodland clearing, which existed in the Northern side of Billesley beside Chin brook.

Billesley witnessed unprecedented growth in 1921 after the Billesley estate was constructed. After the construction, two sub – districts emerged under Billesley. The first was on the farm of the previous Ivy house ; the second, was sited on the former location of Billesley farm, along Trittiford Road.

In 1926, the district experienced a huge influx of people due to the rapid development that was ongoing. It was estimated that on a weak basis, roughly about 18  families moved into Billesley. This led to further growth of the district as within a few years, its council estate was established, one of its first kind in Birmingham.

According to the 2001 census count, it was unveiled that the district has a population of 25,874.  4,537 persons per square km was identified as the density of the district. 52% of the district’s population were females while 48% were the figures for males. The statistics also revealed that white British were the largest ethnic group, totalling 83.2% of the population. The white Irish occupied the second position with 4.2 %.

As regards religion, the most practised religion in the district is Christianity. It accounts for 71.8% of the religion of the populace. 13.8 % practised no form of religion while 7.8% refused commenting on the question.

Starting from Billesley Fire Station located at Brook Ln, Billesley B13 0DH, United Kingdom head south via Yardley Wood Rd to Holy Cross Church, Billesley Common located at 29 Beauchamp Rd, Birmingham B13 0NS, United Kingdom

From Holy Cross Church, Billesley Common head east via Chinn Brook Rd to BEHOLDEN Cantonese & Chinese Takeaway located at 222 Chinn Brook Rd, Yardley Wood, Birmingham B13 0NE, United Kingdom

From BEHOLDEN Cantonese & Chinese Takeaway head north east via Colebourne Rd to Digital Perfection – Asian Wedding Photography located at 66 Colebourne Rd, Birmingham B13 0EY, United Kingdom

From Digital Perfection – Asian Wedding Photography head south west via Dene Hollow to Billesley Primary School located at Trittiford Rd, Billesley, Birmingham B13 0ES, United Kingdom

From Billesley Primary School head north via Trittiford Rd and Yardley Wood Rd to Billesley Fire Station located at Brook Ln, Billesley B13 0DH, United Kingdom

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