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Castle Bromwich

Castle Bromwich is a suburb district found under the Metropolis of Solihull Borough. On its South Eastern border, it has the remaining Borough. Its eastern border has Sutton Coldfield. On the other hand, the district’s northern and western borders have Castle Vale and Hodge Hill respectively.

Castle Bromwich used to be a civil parish, governed by Warwickshire through its Meridian Rural District. However, upon the enactment of  the 1972 Act on Local Government, the district joined the Solihull Metropolitan Borough.

Before Castle Bromwich became a civil parish, it was part of Warwickshire village. According ọ historians, people settled in the district before the stone age era. Evidence abounds which proves people settled there over 5000 years ago. The Romans, Normans and Saxons all settled in the district, though beside the River tame.

In the mid- 18th century, Castle Bromwich served as a landmark for two intersecting turnpike roads. Subsequently, toll gates were established in the Chester road junction, which no longer exists nonetheless.

Before 1894, the district was merely a small village in Aston’s parish until wealthy businessmen began settling there. The wealthy men were instrumental in the district’s development as they built huge buildings in the district.

In the early 1930s, a section of land belonging to Castle Bromwich was acquired by Birmingham City after paying a huge sum to Castle Bromwich Council. This reduced the landmass of the district by half.

While the second World War was ongoing, the residents of Chipperfield Road demolished a section of their farmland to deny the Germans access to it.

Extensive development commenced in the district in mid 1950s as several estates were constructed.Presently, the district has two churches from Church of England, one from Methodist and Baptist churches respectively.

The district also has recreational parks for its residents and foreigners alike to play and enjoy nature. It also has an aerodrome which serves as an employment facility for its populace.

Starting from Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust located at Castle Bromwich Chester Road, Birmingham Area, Birmingham, United Kingdom head southeast via Chester Rd to Castle Bromwich ATE located at 89 Chester Rd, Birmingham B36 9DS, United Kingdom

From Castle Bromwich ATE head southeast  via Chester Rd to Travelodge Birmingham Castle Bromwich located at Chester Rd, Birmingham B36 0AG, United Kingdom

From Travelodge Birmingham Castle head west via Bradford Rd/B4114 to Castle Convenience Store located at 202 Bradford Rd, Buckland End, Birmingham B36 9AA, United Kingdom

From Castle Convenience Store head west via Bradford Rd/B4114 to Hodge Hill Family Practice located at Hodge Hill Primary Care Centre, Roughlea Avenue, Birmingham B36 8GH, United Kingdom

From Hodge Hill Family Practice head northeast via Newport Rd to Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust located at Castle Bromwich Chester Road, Birmingham Area, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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