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Chad Valley

Chad Valley is a suburb district found under Birmingham. It is situated between Edgbaston and Harborne.

Chad Valley, which lies on the OS grid reference of SP046852, derived its name from the nearby Chad Brook. According to the survey maps that were in vogue towards the end of the 19th century, the district extended from the northern axis of Harborne Road and crossed the road that leads to the Brook.

A small river passes through Harborne and extends to Edgbaston before converging in River Rea. This small body of water has been opined by many residents to have derived its name from St. Chad. Some other scholars are of the view that Chad Brook’s name was derived from the medieval phrase, ‘shadwell’ which translates to ‘Shallow Boundary brook’.

However, it has been opined that the name, Chad Valley, was not an original name of a location but it was derived from the Johnson Brothers’ Factory. The Factory was established in 1820 by the Company’s original founder, Anthony Bunn Johnson. In 1860, Anthony’s two sons, Alfred and Joseph established the famous Johnson Brothers. The company was primarily formed for manufacturing printers, bookbinders and stationers. It was initially located in Harborne, precisely on George’s Street.

In 1897, Joseph alongside his son, Alfred J, moved the factory to the works of New Chad Valley. It was there that they concentrated on manufacturing different kinds of toys, board games and teddy bears. The Company’s factory at Rose Road experienced growth and thus expanded in the mid 1920s  The company was later renamed Chad Valley toys. When the second World War broke out, the various factories of the company were used in manufacturing different weapons.

The Chad company continued growing after the war ended but shortly afterwards, it experienced financial distress and was eventually sold out in the late 1980s. As regards Education, the district has one primary school, Chad Vale primary school.

Starting from Hi located at 19 Berrow Dr, Birmingham B15 3UA, United Kingdom head northeast via Hawthorne Rd to Don Diego Edgbaston located at Chad Square, 8 Hawthorne Rd, Birmingham B15 3TQ, United Kingdom

From Don Diego Edgbaston head north via Niall Cl to located at 5 Niall Cl, Birmingham B15 3LU, United Kingdom

From head northwest via Augustus Rd to Norfolk House School Ltd located at 4 Norfolk Rd, Birmingham B15 3PS, United Kingdom

From Norfolk House School Ltd head southeast via Norfolk Rd/B4129 and Westfield Rd to Berrow Court located at Berrow Dr, Birmingham B15 3UB, United Kingdom

From Berrow Court head southeast via Berrow Dr to Hi located at 19 Berrow Dr, Birmingham B15 3UA, United Kingdom

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