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Cotteridge is one of the suburb districts in Birmingham, England. It however falls under the Bournville Ward.  It is located approximately 6.4km off the southern axis of Birmingham Town’s center.

The residents of Cotteridge district are predominantly, Christians. Thus, the district has four main churches : the local ecumenical partnership, United Reformed Church Church of England and Methodist Church.

The district has a landmark building on the road leading to Pershore. However, the building was previously known as Methodist Church. After the demolition of URC churches and Church of England that were nearby, the landmark building was expanded to contain the construction of the supermarket. Thus, the big supermarket serves its residents and close neighbours.

The district, being quite religious, has a lot of connection to churches. St. Agnes, which was a parish under Church of England was established in 1898 and licensed to act under St Nicolas’ mission. The district also witnessed the presence of Gothic Revival which, after being built in 1902 was consecrated the following year.

As regards Education, Cotteridge distrct has two schools ;   Cotteridge County Primary school and Cotteridge Girls County modern School. The former was established in 1900 by the Board of Kings Norton Schools. The school was initially formed  for kids, both boys and girls. It had over 600 students in its early days but with time, it grew exponentially. In  early 1930s, the school witnessed restructuring, and thus, the infants and senior girls departments were added.

In 1945 however, the senior girls section broke out  to establish  Cotteridge Girls modern School. By 1961, the school’ s population had declined greatly as it barely had 160 students.

Cotteridge district is also home to Cotteridge Park. Thus, lovers of nature and entertainment are always welcomed there. Its major means of transportation is through roads and railways. Its efficient bus services are always ready to ply across Birmingham. It also uses the railway station of Kings Norton which is a few minutes away.

Starting from Cotteridge Junior & Infant School located at Breedon Rd, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 2HT, United Kingdom head southwest via Pershore Rd/A441 to The Cotteridge Church located at 24 Pershore Rd S, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 3EJ, United Kingdom

From The Cotteridge Church head west via Middleton Hall Rd/B4121 to Modelex located at 23 Ashfield Court,Middleton Hall Road, Birmingham B30 1AF, United Kingdom

From Modelex  head north via Station Rd to Robert Clinic located at 162 Station Rd, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 1DB, United Kingdom

From Robert Clinic head northeast via Franklin Rd to Cotteridge Park located at 44 Franklin Rd, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 2HG, United Kingdom

From Cotteridge Park head southeast via Breedon Rd to Cotteridge Junior & Infant School located at Breedon Rd, Cotteridge, Birmingham B30 2HT, United Kingdom

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