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Druids Heath

Druids Heath is a village found in the southern axis of Birmingham. The district extends to the South western axis of the famous B14  postcode. The district is known for its large estate that extends to the Brandwood ward of Birmingham’s southern axis. The current location of  the estate was previously used as farmland which is beside Bell lane. The estate’s eastern, western and Southern borders are all surrounded by the road leading to Druids.

Originally, when the estate was still in works, it was named  Phases 1  and 2 of Bells Lane.  The district was essentially formed as an aftermath of the world War. The developmental authorities sought a region that can be developed to allow residents of the over- populous city, to migrate to.  Thus, its neighbouring villages are Kings Norton and Kings Heath.

Druids Heath, before, was known as Drews Heath. It derived its name from a family which resided there. The family was known for being great farmers as they  cultivated a portion of the district from the early 19th century to mid- 19th century.

Presently, Drew’s farm is located at the intersection Of Bell Lane and  Druids Lane, which is just a few minutes away from Maypole.

As regards Education, Druids Heath district is not doing badly as it has  three schools : The Oaks Primary school, Bells Farm Primary School and St. Jude’s RC Junior and infant school. It also had Baverstock Academy but it was closed down in 2017.

Inasmuch as Druids Heath district seems like a functional district, a report published in  2019, opined that a section of the district was ranked the most deprived region across Birmingham.

Druids Heath, as part of Brandwood’s ward, has three  representatives : Barry Henley, Eva Philips and Mike Leddy( members of Labour Party). By being under Selly Oak ‘s  constituency, its representative at the House of commons is Steve McCabe.

Starting from Druids Heath Library located at 1 Idmiston Croft, Birmingham B14 5NJ, United Kingdom head northeast via Alcester Rd S/A435 to Mill Pool Centre located at 2 Millpool Gardens, Birmingham B14 5EU, United Kingdom

From Mill Pool Centre head southwest via Alcester Rd S/A435 and Manningford Rd to Pick & Micks located at 60 Easterton Croft, Birmingham B14 5PB, United Kingdom

From Pick & Micks head southeast via Bells Ln to Druids Lane Farm located at 2 Milston Cl, Birmingham B14 5TA, United Kingdom

From Druids Lane Farm head west via Druids Ln to Starbucks located at Druids Ln, Birmingham B14 5SN, United Kingdom

From Starbucks head northwest via Alcester Rd S/A435 to Druids Heath Library located at 1 Idmiston Croft, Birmingham B14 5NJ, United Kingdom

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