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Erdington is one of the suburban districts found under Birmingham, England. It was originally under Warwickshire Town. It is approximately 8km off the northeastern axis of Birmingham Central region. It has Sutton Coldfield as its nearest neighbour. Before now, the district had its council constituency  that the residents of the district controlled. Its council status had wards such as : Tyburn, King standing, Stockland Green. However, most of these wards were outside the ancient boundaries of Erdington.

Erdington’s earliest mention was in Domesday book. It was referred to as ‘Hardintone’ there. Scholars however argue that its name was derived from a strong homestead which was founded by Eardwulf during the era of Anglo Saxon.

In the 17th century, Erdington had its hall which was defended from all angles, it was however demolished later. Its present location is the present intersection of Tyburn road and Wheelwright road.

In the middle ages, Erdington’s development started after people migrating towards River tame decided to live with the residents. When the Normans conquered England, the district was previously controlled by Edwin  but after the conquest, he was executed for resisting the Normans.

During the outbreak of English Civil War, Erdington witnessed huge growth as most people bought lands to engage in agriculture. The district was however reduced to ruins in 1643 after Royalists plundered Birmingham. Developments thereafter gradually took off till present day.

According to the 2001 census count, the district had 22,626 residents. The district’s population density is however 50.7 persons within an hectare. Majority of the residents( 98.6%) resided in households while about 1.4%  lived in areas that were communally owned.

The major means of transportation in the district include ; Railway, roads and water. Politically, Erdington has been represented by the Labor party and currently has Bob Beauchamp (Conservative) as its representative.

Starting from Erdington Hall Primary School located at Ryland Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 8JJ, United Kingdom head northwest via Erdington Hall Rd and Hunton Rd to Central phamacy venture hse hse located at Fentham Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6AL, United Kingdom

From Central pharmacy venture hse head northwest via Highcroft Rd and Reservoir Rd/A4040 to Reservoir Road Surgery located at 192 Reservoir Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6DJ, United Kingdom

From Reservoir Road Surgery head southeast via Reservoir Rd/A4040 to Saint Barnabas Church of England Primary School located at Spring Ln, Birmingham B24 9BY, United Kingdom

From Saint Barnabas Church of England Primary School head southeast via Spring Ln and Kingsbury Rd to Erdington Rugby Club located at Spring Lane Playing Fields, Kingsbury Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9NF, United Kingdom

From Erdington Rugby Club head southwest via Erdington Hall Rd to Erdington Hall Primary School located at Ryland Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 8JJ, United Kingdom

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