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Garretts Green

Garrett Green is a suburban district of Birmingham, England. It lies upon the OS location grid of SP 1478 8584. It is found within the West Midlands region. and has a height of 104 meters.

Garretts Green which used to be a grazing field of the medieval era is located Northside of Kenmure and Downsfield  Road. The district derived its name from the Garret family. Thus, William Garrete is its progenitor as history traced to 1525.

Before now, the district was a rural area which barely extended to the junction of Sheldon Heath Road and Garretts Green Lane around 1834. The district was known principally for being agriculture – inclined but it was after the second World War ended in 1945 that the district started witnessing urban development.

By 1960, the district was turned around as it had several developmental projects ongoing and completed. However, St. Thomas Church stood out. The church was constructed for other estates in the municipality. The estates were  built after the second World War ended. The estates were constructed through the combined efforts of the residents. It was primarily built to move people who resided in the slums.

The church, St. Thomas, was built on a vast expanse of land. It is located between the intersection of Sheldon Heath Road and Garretts Green Lane, beside Chestnut’s large house. The church was constructed using brick to fence a reinforced – concrete material. The material can still be seen from inside the church’s building. S. T Walker was the church’s designer. The church also contains a huge mural of Christ’s picture, which was painted by Mervyn Wright.

The town has quite developed as it boasts of  Garretts Green Technical College, restaurants and the District’ s industrial estate that was constructed in the 1970s. The industrial estate is located within Birmingham Coventry railway and Garretts Green Lane.

Starting from King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy located at Sheldon Heath Rd, Birmingham B26 2RZ, United Kingdom head north via Valepits Rd to Garretts Green Test Centre located at Granby Ave, Birmingham B33 0SG, United Kingdom

From Garretts Green Test Centre head southwest via Bannerley Rd to Steve Benton Transport located at Bannerley Rd, Garrett’s Green, Birmingham B33 0SL, United Kingdom

From Steve Benton Transport head southeast via Clopton Rd to Car Parking Birmingham Airport located at 240-242 Mackadown Ln, Tile Cross, Birmingham B33 0JG, United Kingdom

From Car Parking Birmingham Airport head west via Clopton Rd to Birmingham Innovations Ltd located at Garretts Green Trading Estate, Plumbob, Valepits Rd, Birmingham B33 0TD, United Kingdom

From Birmingham Innovations Ltd head southwest via Admington Rd to King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy located at Sheldon Heath Rd, Birmingham B26 2RZ, United Kingdom

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