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Gravelly Hill

Gravelly is a district found in Birmingham. The district is situated in the North-Eastern axis of Birmingham Town’s center. The district’s distance from the city is approximately 4 miles.

The district’s north-western border is home to Perry Barr. On its north-eastern border, it has Erdington, Sutton Coldfield and Stockland Green districts. However, its Western and Southern borders are made up of Aston and Washwood Heath respectively.

The district is known for its Victorian houses as most of them were constructed before the war. However, in recent times, modern houses have been springing up. Most of the houses in the district are occupied by Students. This is because Aston University is nearby and Gravelly Hill has an efficient transport system that links people to Aston’s campus.

One of Gravelly Hill’s landmarks is the Spaghetti Junction. The junction serves as a dividing line between M6 motorway and Aston Expressway which leads to Birmingham’s center. The junction is quite complex as it supports the roads that link them from their respective local axis. The  construction of two railways beside the junction made the intersection very complex. The junction also boasts of three canals, electrified speed railway, river and turning basin.

Gravelly Hill also  boasts of a small concentration of Industries, though their condition has been fluctuating. Gravelly Industrial park serves as one of the biggest industrial concentrations in the District. This, in no small measure has helped the district as its residents are gainfully employed. Aside from the industrial Park, the district is also home to Carlsberg. From Gravelly Hill, the company distributes its products to its regional branches across the UK.

Gravelly Hill before now, used to be part of the Constituency of Erdington but is currently under Birmingham City Council. Its previous ward had a history of being ruled by the Conservative party. The present Councillor in charge of the ward, Erdington Robert Alden’s parents were all past conservative leaders of the ward.

Starting from Junction 6 Car Wash Limited located at Gravelly Hill, Erdington, Birmingham B23 7NP, United Kingdom head southwestvia Gravelly Hill/A5127 to Little Folks located at 108 Gravelly Hill, Birmingham B23 7PF, United Kingdom

From Little Folks head southeast via Gravelly Hill/A5127 to Careers Direct Centre Ltd located at 220 Tyburn Rd, Birmingham B24 8LS, United Kingdom

From Careers Direct Centre Ltd head northwest via Tyburn Rd/A38 to St Chad’s Church Centre located at Stoneyhurst Rd, Birmingham B24 8HA, United Kingdom

From St Chad’s Church Centre head northwest via Wheelwright Rd and Oval Rd to Minstead House located at 54 Oval Rd, Birmingham B24 8PL, United Kingdom

From Minstead House head north via Oval Rd and Wheelwright Rd to Junction 6 Car Wash Limited located at Gravelly Hill, Erdington, Birmingham B23 7NP, United Kingdom

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