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Hall Green

Hall Green is a district found in the South-Eastern axis of Birmingham. It is commonly referred to as the village with B28 postcode. Historically, the District is found under Worcestershire County.

The district of Hall Green is filled with a lot of ancient landmarks which has made the town to be one of the most visited districts in Birmingham.  The Church of Ascension is located on the district’s school Road. The church was  designed by Sir William Wilson. The church’s structure is made of bricks while its windows are made of ornamented stones.

The district also has Highfield House which was constructed in the 1850s and is famed for being the oldest building in the District of Hall Green. The building was constructed using Georgian techniques with features of Neo- classical origin. However in 2008, the residents of the district wrote petitions to the council of Birmingham City demanding the demolition of the structure. These petitions were heeded by the Town’ Committee and the building was demolished ; in its place, the town constructed six apartments and four houses for its residents.

Hall Green district also has Petersfield Court. The building, constructed in 1937 took  Art Deco style and is made up of 14 flats. The structure is quite sturdy as it was made of bricks and reinforced concrete.

According to the 2001 census count, it was published that the district had 25,921 residents. The district’s density was pegged at 4,867 persons within km². The district’s present housing estates are constructed in inter-war style.

As regards Education, the district has over  seven primary schools, one secondary school and one University campus (Birmingham South and City college).

The major means of transportation in the district is through the railway. The district’s main railway station was founded in 1908 and it connects the city, Birmingham to Stratford.

The district falls under Birmingham’s constituency and its representative is Tahir Ali(Labour) The district as a ward is also represented by three councilors ;  Barry Bowles, Sam Burden, Kerry Jenkins. They are all members of the Labour Party.

Starting from Lakey Lane Junior & Infant School located at Lakey Ln, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8RY, United Kingdom head southwest via Shirley Rd to Busy Little Bees Nursery located at 1493 Stratford Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 9HT, United Kingdom

From Busy Little Bees Nursery head northwest via Robin Hood Ln to Chop and Wok (Hall Green) Halal located at 156 Highfield Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 0HT, United Kingdom

From Chop and Wok (Hall Green) Halal head north via Highfield Rd/A4040 and Stratford Rd/A34 to Hall Green Secondary School located at Southam Rd, Birmingham B28 0AA, United Kingdom

From Hall Green Secondary School head northeast via Cateswell Rd to Hunters Moor Neurological Rehabilitation Centre located at 135 Cateswell Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8LU, United Kingdom

From Hunters Moor Neurological Rehabilitation Centre head southeast via York Rd to Lakey Lane Junior & Infant School located at Lakey Ln, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8RY, United Kingdom

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