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Handsworth Wood

Handsworth Wood is a suburb district found under Birmingham. Before the 1972 Act of the Local Government, it was under Staffordshire County. However, after the Act, it was relocated  to the County of West Midlands Metropolis. Presently, it falls as a ward under Perry Barr’s district  and other neighbouring districts such as Hamstead, Sandwell and Great Barr.

Handsworth Wood’s district a choice location for plenty people within the north – western axis of Birmingham. The reason for this is traced to the styles of building rampant in the area – Victorian styles were incorporated into the semi-detached and detached homes. Aside from the housing styles, the area also has lots of parks such as Sandwell Valley Country Park, Handsworth Park and Golf clubs. This has led to the preference of the district by many people.

Historically, Handsworth Wood before now, was a woodland which was owned by the district’s Manor and it was sited in the Manor’s northern axis. According to the Domesday Survey of 1086, the length of the district was half of a league while its width was equally the same size.

In the late 19th century, the district was essentially a rural area  that was made up of scattered buildings, which was occupied by wealthy individuals. At that era, the roads that were after Handsworth were plain farmlands.

The district started witnessing development in the 20th century, around the 1950s. The development of the area was traced to the private houses erected by the residents. Thus, the district is still famed for its middle – class strata.

In the advent of the developmental structures, the district constructed its Railway station, referred to as ‘Handsworth Wood Railway’. The railway service was however stopped in 1941.

According to the 2001 census count, it was unveiled that the district had  25,276 residents. As regards Education, the district has four primary schools, two secondary schools and one University Campus, ‘Hamstead Campus’.

The major means of transportation in the district is through the road though Hamstead railway station is a few minutes away. Handsworth Wood as a ward has three representatives ; Paulette Hamilton, Naridee Kooner, Gurdial Singh Atwal ( All from Labour Party).

Starting from Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy located at Church Ln, Handsworth, Birmingham B20 2HL, United Kingdom head northwest via Selborne Rd and Handsworth Wood Rd/B4124 to Wat Santiwongsaram located at 107 Handsworth Wood Rd, Birmingham B20 2PH, United Kingdom

From Wat Santiwongsaram head east via Worlds End Rd and Butlers Rd to St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School located at Butlers Rd, Birmingham B20 2NY, United Kingdom

From St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School head northeast via Wood Ln to Handsworth Grammar School Old Boys FC located at 47A Romilly Ave, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 2AR, United Kingdom

From Handsworth Grammar School Old Boys FC head southwest via Wood Ln to Handsworth Wood Medical Centre – Modality Partnership located at 116 Church Ln, Birmingham B20 2ES, United Kingdom

From Handsworth Wood Medical Centre – Modality Partnership head northwest via Church Ln/A4040 to Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy located at Church Ln, Handsworth, Birmingham B20 2HL, United Kingdom

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