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Harborne is a suburb district found under Birmingham. It is located on the South-western axis of Birmingham and approximately 5km off the town’s center. It is a ward located within the Birmingham City Council. However, its Constituency is under the Birmingham Edgbaston Parliament.

On Harborne’s western axis, it has Edgbaston. Its northern axis has Selly Oak. However its Eastern and Southern axis has Quinton and Bearww respectively.

Harborne, as a civil parish occupies a land mass of 3,300 acres and utilizes 100 acres for plantations and woodland.

The district has a large number of houses which incorporated the Victorian style of building. Thus, most of its houses were constructed in the 19th century. The oldest mention of the district was in 1086, which was contained in Domesday Book.

However, certain evidence proves that the district’s first settlers came before 1086. Due to the non – Quaker status of the district, it witnessed the construction of several public houses. The district has several landmarks such as St. Mary’s Church, Harborne Railway Station. The former, first Catholic Church, was opened in 1877 after its seven years construction. The latter (railway station) was opened in 1874. It however closed in 1963,  but presently used as Walkway on the street connecting Harborne to Ladywood.

According to the 2011 census carried out, it was revealed that the district had 23,001 residents. The census also discovered that 75%  of the residents were either working or looking for employment. The Census also showed that the majority of the residents are academics from Birmingham’s University.

As regards Education, the district has four secondary schools, five primary schools. It also has a library that was opened in 1879, and is currently sited on a hall that was previously used by Masons.

The major means of transportation in the district is through roads as its efficient bus service connects to the rest of Birmingham.

Starting from Harborne Lane Nursing Home located at 247 Harborne Ln, Birmingham B29 6TG, United Kingdom head northwest via A4040 and Lordswood Rd/A4040 to Lordswoods located at 190 Lordswood Rd, Harborne, Birmingham B17 8QH, United Kingdom

From Lordswoods head northwest via Lordswood Rd/A4040 to Lordswood Boys’ School located at Meadow Court, 310 Hagley Rd, Harborne, Birmingham B17 8DJ, United Kingdom

From Lordswood Boys’ School head southeast via Lordswood Rd/A4040 to Harborne Golf Club located at 40 Tennal Rd, Birmingham B32 2JE, United Kingdom

From Harborne Golf Club head southeast via Vicarage Rd to Apart 1 Harborne Court located at Apartment 1, Harborne Court, 192 Harborne Park Rd, Harborne, Birmingham B17 0BP, United Kingdom

From Apart 1 Harborne Court head southeast via A4040 to Harborne Lane Nursing Home located at 247 Harborne Ln, Birmingham B29 6TG, United Kingdom

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