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Highters Heath

Highters heath is a suburb district found under Birmingham, England. It is basically a ward that is found on the southern border. Alternatively, the district is situated on the eastern axis of Maypole. The earliest mention of the district was in 1495. It was however called ‘Heyters heath’ then. However the name presently is not used by all and sundry.

There are actually three billboards in the district that would inform people that the name existed at a point in time. The signposts include : the one situated while entering the district through the Maypole Road ; when gaining entrance to the district through the lower part of the road that leads to Highters heath ; the junction of Majors Green.

The southern axis of the Maypole Road which is under Highters heath is commonly known as Hollywood and it is precisely situated at an adjacent village within the Worcestershire area. However, the northern boundary of Highters heath which is beside Warstock, is yet to be identified.

The district is also home to the Daisy Farm Park which offers relaxation spots and entertainment to the residents and foreigners alike.

Immanuel church is the only church located in the parish and it is situated adjacent to the primary school of the district.

As regards Education, the local primary school in the area is referred to as ‘Hollywood Primary School’. According to the residents, the school got its name after the opening of Highters heath school.

The district ‘s major means of transportation is through roads. The bus routes connect to Maypole Lane as well as Alcester Southern road and thus, the residents of the district are assured of efficient bus service.

After the structural adjustment of local governments within Birmingham, the district was made an electoral ward with a single councilor. The ward is represented by Adam Higgs( Conservative Party) while at the British Parliament, its representative is Steve McCabe (Labour Party).

Starting from Highters Heath Community School located at Highters Heath Ln, Yardley Wood, Birmingham B14 4LY, United Kingdom head southwest via Highters Heath Ln to Immanuel Church and Church Hall located at Highters Heath Ln, Birmingham B14 4TB, United Kingdom

From Immanuel Church and Church Hall head northwest via Maypole Ln and Stot Fold Rd to Maypole Post Office located at 7 Stot Fold Rd, Birmingham B14 5JD, United Kingdom

From Maypole Post Office head northeast via Alcester Rd S/A435 to Grendon Primary School located at Grendon Rd, Birmingham B14 4RB, United Kingdom

From Grendon Primary School head south via Sladepool Farm Rd to A K G Autos located at 142 Sladepool Farm Rd, Birmingham B14 5EF, United Kingdom

From A K G Autos head northeast via Sladepool Farm Rd and Highters Heath Ln to Highters Heath Community School located at Highters Heath Ln, Yardley Wood, Birmingham B14 4LY, United Kingdom

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