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Kingstanding is a suburban district found under Birmingham. It is located within the northern axis of the town. The district gave out its name to a Constituency in Erdington council. The district is made up of areas which include Witton Lakes, Wyrley Birch, Perry Common. Another portion of the district extends to the ward of Oscott.

Kingstanding is filled with many landmarks and they include : Perry Barr Reservoir, Drinking Water Reservoir, which are all sited on the  former site of the Farm located in Perry Barr.

The district is also home to two libraries ; Perry Common library and Kingstanding Library.

Kingstanding also houses several shopping centres, which are all aimed at providing essential services to the residents and foreigners alike. The region that contains these shopping centres is known as Kingstanding circle.

According to historians, the district derived its name when the English Civil War was ongoing in 1642. In that era, the King of Stuart, Charles 1 examined his troops that were stationed at the Barrow of Neolithic Bowl, after he left Aston Hall that was nearby. Thus, the earliest mention of the district was as  ‘ King’ s Standing.

Kingstanding is also linked to Icknield Street as the Roman road passes through its Barrow and in 1884, when the district was digging foundations for its water station, several coins from the Roman empire were unveiled.

Before 1928, the district was merely a rural area, however it started witnessing developments as huge residential homes were constructed across the district. A large part of the houses constructed were under council housing departments that a few years later, the district was famed for the largest concentration of council homes in Europe.

The district which was known for its peaceful environment was however hit by a bomb during the second World War which resulted in loss of some lives and several properties.

According to the 2001 census count of the district, it was shown that the district has 25,702 residents and the density of its population was pegged at 5,410 persons within km ². British of white racial origin are the largest group in the district. The district is currently represented by Ron Storer, member of Conservative party.

Starting from Lloyds Bank located at 595 Kingstanding Rd, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 9TB, United Kingdom head south via Kingstanding Rd/B4138 to Kingstanding Car Sales located at 550-552 Kingstanding Rd, Birmingham B44 9SD, United Kingdom

From Kingstanding Car Sales head southeast via Kingstanding Rd/B4138 and Hotspur Rd to Kingsthorne Primary School located at Cranbourne Rd, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 0BX, United Kingdom

From Kingsthorne Primary School head southeast via Tansley Rd and Dulwich Rd to Kingstanding Leisure Centre located at Dulwich Rd, Birmingham B44 0EW, United Kingdom

From Kingstanding Leisure Centre head north via Ellerton Rd to  Kings Rise Academy located at Hornsey Rd, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 0JL, United Kingdom

From Kings Rise Academy head northwest via Hornsey Rd and Harringay Rd to Lloyds Bank located at 595 Kingstanding Rd, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 9TB, United Kingdom

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