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Lea Hall

Lea Hall is a suburb district found under Birmingham. It is in the eastern axis of the town and lies on the OS grid reference of SP 150871. The district has boundaries with Garretts Green and Kitts Green.

According to historians, the history of the district is traced to Ice Age era, several millenniums ago when the lands on eastern axis of Birmingham were filled with thick Forests. The forests were recorded as being thick that penetration was impossible. However glaciers aided the farmers in easier cultivation of crops.

Early settlers of the district reffered to it as ‘Leah’  which means clearing of the forest. This type of forest has been discovered to be the same across Birmingham’s eastern axis that were forested. The term ‘Lea’ was first used in 1275 and historians opine that the district was likely an extension of the Yardley’s Saxon settlement.

In the era of Middle ages, Lea Hall was a Manor though it was under Yardkey’s district. The Lea Hall was erected on a site surrounded by water. It was situated on the northern axis of its famous railway station. In 19th century, neighbouring fields such as Moat Leasow and Pool Field were used in locating the hall. The Dod family, during the era of Elizabeth 1, reconstructed the hall by incorporating large timbers on its structures. In mid 18th century, the hall was rebuilt again and was referred to as ‘large modern house’ by its residents.

Another ancient landmark in the district is Windmill piece. It is located beside the intersection of the meadway and Holbeach Road. It was rumored to have been built in 19th century, however several historians have dismissed this date.

The major means of transportation in the district is through road and Railways. The buses ply different routes across Birmingham. Its railway station was established in 1937 and is still functional though under the management of West Midlands Trains. As regards Education, the district has one primary school;  Lea Forest Academy school.

Starting from Lea Hall Station Car Park located at Lea Hall Rd, Birmingham B33 8JU, United Kingdom head northwest via Lea Hall Rd and Latelow Rd to Care Assistance Respite Services Ltd located at 18 The Lea, Birmingham B33 8JR, United Kingdom

From Care Assistance Respite Services Ltd head southeast via The Lea to Asda Sheldon Supermarket located at 105 Kelynmead Rd, Sheldon, Birmingham B33 8LF, United Kingdom

From Asda Sheldon Supermarket head northeast via Fellmeadow Rd to Simply Cakes by Leah located at 25 Fellmeadow Rd, Birmingham B33 8LB, United Kingdom

From Simply Cakes by Leah head east via Orpwood Rd to Meadway Sports & Social located at 235 Kelynmead Rd, Birmingham B33 8LJ, United Kingdom

From Meadway Sports & Social head northwest via Lea Hall Rd to Lea Hall Station Car Park located at Lea Hall Rd, Birmingham B33 8JU, United Kingdom

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