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Lee Bank

Lee Bank is a district located within Birmingham. It is in the inner axis of the town. It falls under Ladywood and Edgbaston ward and extends to the Ring road of the neighbouring Birmingham’s center.

The districts surrounding  Lee Bank are Balsall Heath, Highgate, Ladywood and Edgbaston. The district is also close to the former  location of the famous Matthew Boulton College before it was shifted to the Eastside.

Originally, the present site of the district was known for its slummy houses which was common sight during the Victorian era. However, unlike what was obtainable in neighbouring industrial cities, the buildings of Lee banks were structured as 4 and 3 storeys. The buildings were made up of poor residents and in some instances, several families used a single house. In the 1930s, clearing of slums was in vogue but it was not until the second World war ended that Lee Bank’s slum was cleared.

While the second World war was ongoing, Lee Bank suffered heavily as most of its buildings were demolished. Its residents were not left out too.

After the second World War ended, Lee Bank was listed amongst areas that would be redeveloped. This was the brainchild of the Council of Birmingham city. The project was named Redevelopment Area of Bath Row and in the late 1940s, the public works department  of Birmingham Council depicted a pictorial representation of their plan for the city. The plan entailed erection of Tower blocks that would incorporate Swedish styles of building.

After construction of the estates in several phases, Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit and thereafter, opened it.

In the 1990s the estate was transferred to The Association of  Optima Community Housing as the residents felt it would be better managed by the agency.

As regards Education, the district has one primary school, Lee Bank primary school, which was established in 1967 Its name has however been changed to Woodview primary school.

The district’ s major means of transportation is road though the residents occasionally use the railway station that is a few minutes away.

Saint Thomas Children’s Centre Nursery School located at  St. Thomas House, 80 Bell Barn Rd, Birmingham B15 2AF, United Kingdom head northeast via Great Colmore St to St Catherine of Siena Church located at 69 Irving St, Birmingham B1 1DW, United Kingdom

From St Catherine of Siena Church head northwest via Bristol St/A38 and Suffolk Street Queensway to Q-Park Mailbox located at Royal Mail St, Birmingham B1 1RD, United Kingdom

From Q-Park Mailbox head southwest via Severn St and Commercial St to The Maltings located at Granville St, Birmingham B1 1SB, United Kingdom

From The Maltings head southeast via Granville St to City Academy located at 23 Langley Walk, Birmingham B15 2EF, United Kingdom

From City Academy head southeast to Saint Thomas Children’s Centre Nursery School located at  St. Thomas House, 80 Bell Barn Rd, Birmingham B15 2AF, United Kingdom

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