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Longbridge is a suburb district of Birmingham, that is close to northfield. It is situated around the Worcestershire border which is in south-western axis of birmingham. The district is surrounded by various villages and they include rubery, bromsgrove, northfield, frankley and rednal.  longbridge is near lickey hills, thus, the entire district can be seen from atop the hill.

In the early 20th century, the district was famed for its plant. The plant has produced several rover cars such as morris, british leyland, nash metropolitan and austin. However in the early 2000s, the factory became non functional which led to the demolition of some of its buildings.  it fell as a result of administrational problems. However, while the company was in existence, it was known as a major employer of Longbridge’s residents. Thus, upon its folding, many residents were pushed into unemployment poverty.

The stagnant company later partnered with shanghai automotive and it helped them in production of sports vehicles within 2008 and 2010. production was however halted indefinitely in 2017 when shanghai company insisted on transporting the full vehicle to uk. This led to the demolition of the factory.

The demolished structures of longbridge plant, unveiled a sizable portion of brownfield. this site was subsequently acquired by st. modwen properties, a firm that specialized in regeneration. After their acquisition, the firm erected a shopping centre alongside several residential homes.

Longbridge plant, thinking that the industry’s history may be erased, created plaques on walkways of the area, which is slightly opposite the river area. the plaque aid in narrating the brief history of the longbridge plant.

According to the 2001 census count, the district had 30,964 residents. its population density was pegged at 3,789 persons within km². The ward is represented by brett o’reilly andclancy debbie (member of conservative party).

The major means of transportation in the district is through roads as the district is renowned for its efficient public transport system.

Starting from Longbridge retirement village located at 2 austin way, rednal, birmingham b31 2fz, united kingdom head northeast via Bristol Rd S/A38 to Longbridge technology park located at 1 devon way, birmingham b31 2ts, united kingdom.

From Longbridge technology park head east via Longbridge Ln to Kwik fit – longbridge located at corner, groveley ln, longbridge, birmingham b31 4qg, united kingdom

From Kwik fit – longbridge head southwest via Groveley Ln to Van recovery longbridge located at groveley ln, longbridge, birmingham b31 4pz, united kingdom

From Van recovery longbridge head southeast via Edenhurst Rd to Barclays bank located at unit 27 longbridge, birmingham b31 2uq, united kingdom

From Barclays bank head west via Cooper Way to Longbridge retirement village located at 2 austin way, rednal, birmingham b31 2fz, united kingdom

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