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Lyndon Green

Lyndon Green is a district found in Birmingham, England. It was derived from the Old English term’ line’ which refers to lime  tree. The earliest mention of the district was in 1221,when the area was referred to as ‘Linde’.

In 1262, ‘Lynedene’  was recorded, which meant ‘lime tree valley’ which historians view as a reference to the Brook of Hatchford. The tree had small leaves and was used by natives of the district. According to historians, the tree was of great significance to the residents. This is because the tree was soft which the residents use in producing daubs and laths. Its bark which  had fibre was also used in producing ropes.

Some historians are of the view that Lyndon Green was a green grazing land  which was owned by Lyndon’s Manor. They further  opined that it is  found around the intersection of Brays Road and Barrows Lane. It was also referred to as Lyne Green on the map of ordnance survey (1834) as well as the census of 1861.

The Manor House of Lyndon was an ancient landmark, which was situated at the southern axis of Wesley Brook, beside the famous intersection of Common Lane, Church Road and Horse Shoes Lane. Few years later another Manor House for Lyndon was constructed and sited between Barrows Lane and Manor House Lane. However, due to the bad state of the house, it was demolished in 1970.

Lyndon formed part of Bickenhill Manor though they were separated. However, in 1931, a section of the district was joined with the city of Birmingham. In that era, massive construction of houses was ongoing as the developed region of Birmingham city took an outward expansion. Thus, when the second World War broke out, a large portion of the district was filled with houses. The houses were however erected by individuals.

Starting from Lyndon Green Junior School located at Wensley Rd, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 1LU, United Kingdom head southeast to Brays School located at Brays Rd, Birmingham B26 1NS, United Kingdom

From Brays School head northeast via Barrows Ln and Kingfisher Cl to Holly And The Ivy located at 23 Kingfisher Cl, Birmingham B26 2QF, United Kingdom

From Holly And The Ivy head northwest via Kingfisher Cl, Barrows Ln and Paddock Dr to Lyndon Green located at 41 Paddock Dr, Birmingham B26 1QP, United Kingdom

From Lyndon Green head northwest via Paddock Dr and Barrows Ln to St Bernards Grange located at Barrows Ln, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 1QJ, United Kingdom

From St Bernards Grange head southwest via Barrows Ln and Wensley Rd to Lyndon Green Junior School located at Wensley Rd, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 1LU, United Kingdom

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