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Moseley is a district found under suburbs of Birmingham. It is located in the southern axis of Birmingham and approximately 5km off the town’s center. The district is known for its residensial houses that are cosmopolitan in nature. The District also features a large collection of restaurants and bars. It also boasts of shopping centres for retailers and boutiques.

Moseley is situated within Kings and Moseley heath ward and falls under Hall Green’s Constituency. Originally, it was under Worcestershire Town.

The earliest mentioning of the district was in 1086 on Domesday Book. It was referred there as Museleie. One of the Landmarks of the district is St. Mary’s Church. The Church was officially given permission to operate in 1405 and in 2005, it celebrated its anniversary of 600 years. However, in 2012 following complaints from the residents, the church bells were changed.

Moseley Hall is another landmark in the district. It was reconstructed towards ending of 18th century but after it was burnt, it was rebuilt few years later.

The Moseley Railway station is another landmark in the distrct, it was in use between 1867 and 1941. Presently, it is non functional but its structures are still referenced.

Moseley alongside neighbouring districts were originally  rural area. However the district experienced face-lift after the surge of development in early 20th century. The new structures incorporated Edwardian styles as it was occupied by most families of Middle class that resided in the axis of Industrial centre of Birmingham.

After World War 1, due to lack of staff in the area, most residents emigrated. However in mid 20th century, the district experienced tremendous development. This is why, presently, the district is one of the  wealthiest districts in Birmingham.

As regards Education, Moseley is home to two secondary schools ; Queensbridge School and Moseley school. The district also houses over two primary schools and one school for special children.

Starting from St Agnes’ Church, Moseley located at Birmingham B13 9SJ, United Kingdom head northeast via St Agnes Rd and Windermere Rd to Moseley School and Sixth Form located at Wake Green Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9UU, United Kingdom

From Moseley School and Sixth Form head northwest via Wake Green Rd/B4217 to Mayfield Court located at Moseley, Birmingham B13 9HS, United Kingdom

From Mayfield Court head northwest via B4217 to The Cuban Embassy (The Bulls Head) located at The Cuban Embassy, 23 St Mary’s Row, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8HW, United Kingdom

From The Cuban Embassy (The Bulls Head) head southeast via B4217 to Moseley Tennis Club located at 49 Billesley Ln, Birmingham B13 9QT, United Kingdom

From Moseley Tennis Club head southeast via Billesley Ln and Oxford Rd to St Agnes’ Church, Moseley located at Birmingham B13 9SJ, United Kingdom

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