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Selly Oak

The famous Selly Oak area is a residential and industrial area in the southern West region of Birmingham, England. This area has the following neighbourhoods, Selly Park, Ten Acres, and Bournbrook, and it gives the name to the ward of Selly Oak.

Harborne and Edgbaston’s closing wards are by the northern areas of Bourn Brook, a former known county boundary. And the southern regions are Bournville and Weoley.

A formed district organised committee serves all four wards; Billesley, Selly Oak, Braidwood, and Bournville. All the wards forming the Selly Oak Birmingham Constituency gets represented by the Labour Party member Steve Mccabe. Selly Oak gets connected to its head city by the A441 Pershore Road and A38 of Bristol Road.

According to the 2001 conducted census, Selly Oak recorded about 25,792 residents, with a dense population of around 4,236 persons per km². Selly Oak had about 15.9% from its population, mainly ethnic minorities as compared to the 29.6% of Birmingham.

Going by the Selly Oak records, the name comes from several variants of shelf-meadow or “scelf-lei.” A different source for this city’s name comes from the OE “sele”, which means a Hall or a Building.

The ward of Selly Oak, an industrial zone, lies in the city of Birmingham in England. It is among the Western Midlands region, and it is under the United Kingdom’s sovereign government. Selly Oak’s metropolitan borough lies in the postcode district of B29 with a dialling code of 0121. Selly Oak’s fire, ambulance, and force forces come from the Western Midlands areas of the United Kingdom.

Selly Oak, this famous city, started as a form of workhouse built for King Norton’s Poor Union in 1872. The Union started in 1836 and consisted of  King Norton, Harborne, Beoley Parishes, Northfield, Edgbaston, and Smethwick.

Selly Oak’s cinema is laid by the Bristol Road and Chapel Lane junction where the Sainsbury’s supermarket lies now. The cinema opened in 1924 with an extended seat of over 1,500. However, around November of 1979, the cinema doors closed.

Starting from Selly Oak Post Office located at 8 Oak Tree Ln, Birmingham B29 6HX, United Kingdom head northeast via Bristol Rd to Nando’s Selly Oak18 Aston Webb Blvd Unit located at 10, Selly Oak Shopping Park, Birmingham B29 6SQ, United Kingdom

From Nando’s Selly Oak18 Aston Webb Blvd Unit head west via Durley Dean Rd to Charles Hulse Electrical located at 16 Durley Dean Rd, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6RZ, United Kingdom

From Charles Hulse Electrical  head southeast via Weoley Ave and Weoley Park Rd to The Oaks Day Nursery located at Bristol Rd, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LG, United Kingdom

From The Oaks Day Nursery head northeast via Langleys Rd to Selly Oak Trust School located at Oak Tree Ln, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6HZ, United Kingdom

From Selly Oak Trust School head northwest via Oak Tree Ln/A4040 to Selly Oak Post Office located at 8 Oak Tree Ln, Birmingham B29 6HX, United Kingdom

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