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Sparkbrook is one of the inner-cities of the southern, eastern area of Birmingham, England. This city is part of the different four wards that form the famous Hall Green District inside Birmingham City. Sparkbrook is densely populated, having about 32,415 residents in its ward, according to the 2011 conducted census.

This inner-city of Birmingham got its town name from the Spark Brook, which is a stream that previously flows to the southern centre in the city. However, the stream was soon after channelled and used partially as a canal.

Like other wards in Birmingham, Sparkbrook has labour representatives on the council in the city. They go by the names of Azim Muhammed and Hussain Shabana. The last member, Hussain Talbot, was the previous independent Councillor and was elected to be the Liberal Democrat. However, after being fired from the cabinet in the council, he resigned from his party.

There are several places of public interest in Sparkbrook, especially the churches. Most of these churches construction took place around the 19th century to the 20th century. The most popular of all the churches is the church of St. Agatha by Stratford Road, constructed in 1901. By many building professionals and architects, this building falls under the Grade 1 listing.

The Christ Church, by Dolobran Road and Grantham Road, is among the most ancient churches and structures in Sparkbrook, and its consecration took place in 1867. A bomb blast, unfortunately, demolished the tower during the Second World War in 1918.

Sparkbrook occupies a land density of about 79.8/ha, and it lies in the West Midlands of England. The precise coordinates for its location are 52.4620°N 1.8712°W, and it is under the United Kingdom’s sovereign government. The official OS grid reference number is SP087849. It has a postcode district of B11 and a dialling code of 0121.

In 2009, Sparkbrook recorded having to be among the top ten unemployment levels, at number eight. It had about 12.9% (i.e., one in every eight residents) unemployment rate. Amongst the several cities around the Western Midlands, only Ladywood’s unemployment rate was the highest.

Starting from Sparkbrook Community & Health Centre located at 34 Grantham Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1LU, United Kingdom, head northwest via Sampson Rd to Bab Al Hara Banqueting Suite located at Grafton Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1JP, United Kingdom

From Bab Al Hara Banqueting Suite head south via Stratford Rd/A34 and Ladypool Rd. to Clifton Primary School located at 150 Brunswick Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8NX, United Kingdom

From Clifton Primary School head northeast via Stoney Ln to Conway Primary School located at Conway Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1NS, United Kingdom

From Conway Primary School head southeast via Walford Rd and Golden Hillock Rd/B4145 to Ark Boulton Academy located at Golden Hillock Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 2QG, United Kingdom

From Ark Boulton Academy head northwest via Fallows Rd and Anderton Rd to Sparkbrook Community & Health Centre located at 34 Grantham Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1LU, United Kingdom

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