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Sparkhill is one of the several inner-cities in Birmingham, England. This small city lies just between Hall Green, Sparkbrook, and Springfield. Originally, the city’s name, Sparkhill, came from the stream SparkBrook. As its name implies, a hill was around the stream flowing from River Cole to Moseley.

Around the middle 20th century, Sparkhill suddenly began experiencing many migrants settling on the land. The first significant wave of migrating individuals were mostly Irish people, which later progressed to the South Asians, Somalia, and Afro-Caribbeans. Furthermore, few years ago, Romanian immigrants had their wave of settling in the new land, Sparkhill.

Sparkhill has a massive population of majorly ethnic minorities, that come mainly from the southern part of Asia. Sparkhill has some very prominent and notable residents on its shores, including Timmins Charlie, the captain of Coventry City.

Other notable persons are:

  • Bev Bevan, the drummer of “Move and Electric Orchestra.”
  • Goalkeeper of Birmingham City, Gil Merrick.
  • Archbishop McDonald Kevin.
  • A musical band, Lock Up, art critic Melville Robert.
  • Comedian Sid Field.

There are many more notable figures in Sparkhill.

The shores of Sparkhill lies between three different cities, Sparkbrook, Hall Green and Springfield. Historically, Sparkhill was a part of Worcestershire and once existed like a rural settlement with its primary industry in the agricultural sector until the early 1880s. Sparkhill was initially a possession of Yardley until the Act of the Great Birmingham of 1911.

An old landmark on the shores of Sparkhill is the famous Mermaid Inn. It has long been the area of one pub in the 1700s. Furthermore, by the late 20th century, this building turned into the Balti restaurant. But not long after, the building got destroyed by several fire outbreaks.

Starting from Sparkhill Post Office located at 468 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4AE, United Kingdom head southeast via Stratford Rd/A34 and Fernley Rd to Bodytone Ladies Only Gym located at 120 Fernley Rd, Birmingham B11 3NL, United Kingdom

From Bodytone Ladies Only Gym head southwest via Percy Rd to Treatz Sparkhill located at 671-675 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4DX, United Kingdom

From Treatz Sparkhill head northwest via Stratford Rd/A34 to Sparkhill Park located at Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4LX, United Kingdom

From Sparkhill Park head north via Stratford Rd/A34 to TSB Bank located at 538 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4BD, United Kingdom

From TSB Bank head northwest via Stratford Road/A34 to Sparkhill Post Office located at 468 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4AE, United Kingdom

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