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Stechford is around the eastern area of Birmingham, England. It lies five miles to the eastern part of the city’s centre, bordering the ward’s end, Hodge Hill, Kitts Green, and Yardley. Historically, Stechford lies within Worcestershire with the coordinates 52°28’58” N 1°48’25” W.

The history of Stechford is unclear, but its oldest constructions are the Flaxleye Farm and Station Road (also known as the Stoney Lane), first mentioned in 1218. Regardless, the Flaxleye Farm no longer stands, but there is currently a farmhouse located at about 143 of Flaxleye Road. However, the oldest portion of that building is not more historical than the 1700s.

The Stechford name gets referenced to the Stitch, which is a tributary to the local River Cole. This town or city name, Stechford, remained hidden till the construction in 1844 of the Stechford Station. There is a very prevalent misspelling of this town’s name, Stetchford, which is not acceptable in various areas.

For a considerable period in the 2000s, Stechford had its parliamentary constituency with representative Jenkins Roy of Labour for about twenty-seven years. However, some allegations claimed Jenkins Roy never lived in Stechford. However, after Jenkins Roy stepped down in 1977, MacKay Andrew was his successor.

Stechford city, found in the eastern part of Birmingham, England, is famous for its monument, the memorial Stone Cross. This city is mainly in the western Midlands region of England, and it is under the United Kingdom’s sovereign government. A path is across the Stechford district caused by the Cole River, Outer Circle, and the London Railway.

Stechford is famous for its long-standing line of shops by the Station Road having a few shop group on Albert Road. On the 28th of February in 1967, the Station in Stechford is among the most deadly train collisions. The collision killed about nine persons, leaving sixteen other individuals with injuries and bruises.

Starting from Stechford Primary School located at Albert Rd, Stechford, Birmingham B33 8SJ, United Kingdom head north via Albert Rd to All Saints Church, Stechford located at The Vicarage, Albert Rd, Birmingham B33 8UA, United Kingdom

From All Saints Church, Stechford head north east via Victoria Rd to McDonald’s Stechford located at Stechford Retail Park, Flaxley Pkwy, Stechford, Birmingham B33 9AN, United Kingdom

From McDonald’s Stechford head southeast via Station Rd/A4040 and Manor Rd to Stechford Recreation Ground located at Manor Rd, Birmingham, United Kingdom

From Stechford Recreation Ground head south via Station Rd/A4040 to West Midlands Police – Stechford located at 338 Station Rd, Birmingham B33 8RR, United Kingdom

From West Midlands Police – Stechford head northwest via Station Rd/A4040 and Yardley Fields Rd to Stechford Primary School located at Albert Rd, Stechford, Birmingham B33 8SJ, United Kingdom

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