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The city of Tyburn in Birmingham is a part of the many wards. Tyburn city, previously known as Kingsbury. It lies within the Western part of the Midlands, Birmingham, England. Tyburn is among a sector of the formal Erdington district. This city, Tyburn, consists of Fort Parkway located in Bromwich Castle, the Castle Vale, Pyle Hayes of the Erdington area, Tyburn Road and the Birches Green.

Tyburn has many significant landmarks, but some of the most stand-out areas are Fort Dunlop, Park of Pyle Hayes, and Jaguar Cars Bromwich Assembly Castle Factory. In Tyburn, its library in Castle Vale was fully set-up in 2006, and it serves the surrounding areas of Tyburn. The library’s design was by the Birmingham-based Architects association and built with the Housing Trust of Castle Vale.

The conducted 2001 census in Tyburn suggested that a record number of 16,480 persons resided in the city. With Tyburn having a dense population of about 2,816 residents per km² – in contrast, in Birmingham, there are 3,649 persons per km².

Amongst the Birmingham wards, this ward, Tyburn, had the smallest number of residents. About 1,465 (8.9%) of Tyburn’s population consisted of mainly ethnic minorities; on the other hand, 29.6% of residents for the entire Birmingham. And during the conducted 2011 census in Tyburn, its population had seen its residents increase to about 25,927.

Tyburn runs throughout the housing estates in Pyle Hayes, Castle Vale, and the Birches Green and Erdington Hall. All housing estates in Castle Vale and Pyle Hayes witnessed a significant regeneration recently. Tyburn is around the Western Midlands in England, remaining under the sovereign government of the United Kingdom.

There are about three different labour councillors representing the city of Tyburn on the Birmingham Council. The people of Tyburn mostly refer to themselves as residents in Castle Bromwich, Castle Vale, Birches Green, or the Erdington, while others seldomly state they live within Tyburn.

Starting from Paget Primary School located at 110 Paget Rd, Birmingham B24 0JP, United Kingdom head southeast via Varley Rd and Gunter Rd to Gunter Primary School located at Gunter Rd, Birmingham B24 0RU, United Kingdom

From Gunter Primary School head southeast via Gunter Rd and Chester Rd/A452 to The Tyburn House located at Kingsbury Rd, Castle Vale, Birmingham B35 6AA, United Kingdom

From The Tyburn House head southwest via Kingsbury Rd/A38 to KFC Birmingham located at 882 Kingsbury Rd, Tyburn, Birmingham B24 9PY, United Kingdom

From KFC Birmingham head northwest via Tyburn Rd/B4148 to Bernie’s Boutique located at 16 Waldley Grove, Birmingham B24 0GE, United Kingdom

From Bernie’s Boutique head north via Waldley Grove and Paget Rd to Paget Primary School located at 110 Paget Rd, Birmingham B24 0JP, United Kingdom

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