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Tyseley is among one of the many famous districts around the southern part of Birmingham City in England. It lies next to the Acocks Green district, Coventry Road, Yardley, and Small Heath, situated about the famous Grand Union’s canal. Tyseley’s name has an ancient meaning, stating “Tyssa’s clearing” and the ending “-ley” representing woodland clearing.

Educationally, Tyseley has a comprehensive local secondary school situated by the Reading Lane, the Yardleys School. This school construction is around the site where the former brickworks took place.

The school had earlier moved from the previous site location around 2001. Many primary schools lie within Tyseley’s shores, and among these is the Islamic school known as Al Furqan established on the site about some years ago.

They are about 4, 4a, and 36 bus service in transportation, with most of their operations being by the West Midlands Nation Express. Like any other railway site, Tyseley Station for railways was a significant junction in the Western ex-Great Railway between London Paddington and the Snow Birmingham Hill.

The Tyseley city lies on the mainline Chiltern between Birmingham Moor and Marylebone. The Northern Warwickshire Line previously passed through Stratford by Avon to the railway’s station of Honeybourne.

The Tyseley city lies in Birmingham, England’s southern half district, close to the Canal of the Grand Union. The town of Tyseley is under the sovereign government of the United Kingdom. This city has an OS grid number of SP109840.

The Tyseley’s railway station serves its entire district in Birmingham, and it lies at a linking junction of Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington Spa. The management of the railway station is by the Western Midlands authorities. The station’s main building is by a bridge over the railway tracks on the road of Wharfedale.

Starting from Tyseley Locomotive Works located at 670 Warwick Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2HL, United Kingdom head south east via Warwick Rd/A41 to Birmingham Car Centre located at 909-911 Warwick Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2ER, United Kingdom

From Birmingham Car Centre head southwest via Tyseley Ln and Yarnfield Rd to Yarnfield Primary School located at Yarnfield Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 3PJ, United Kingdom

From Yarnfield Primary School head northwest via Olton Blvd W to Al-Furqan Primary School located at Reddings Ln, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 3EY, United Kingdom

From Al-Furqan Primary School head northwest via Boscombe Rd to USKA kickboxing located at 431 Warwick Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2JR, United Kingdom

From USKA kickboxing head northeast via Warwick Rd/A41 to Tyseley Locomotive Works located at 670 Warwick Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2HL, United Kingdom

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