The village of Water Orton, located close to River Tame, Warwickshire in the heart of England, lies between Coleshill and Castle Bromwich. The name “Water Orton”, as recorded, was initially known as “Overton”, as first recorded in Assize Roll 1262, which has its meaning as “Farm beside the Edge”. The use of Overton continued through the 14 century, then in 1923, Warwickshire recorded the name as “Oreton” at the Feet of Fines. 

A 15th-century building sited in Water Orton, The Chestnuts, is said to have been where the old Manor resided. The village has its oldest part centered at Old Church Road, which was made a conservation area back in 1983.

Water Orton had been conjoined with the parish at Aston until its people began attending normal church services there at Chapel of Ease, Castle Bromwich during the 14th century. They erected their Chapel later in 1346 and were licensed to own a parish priest. Though they remained a branch to the Church of Aston where they originated, until 1871. The present St. Peter and Paul parish was erected in 1879 and designed by Corser and Bateman. But it was torn down in the early 1980s because of the harm caused by the pollution of the atmosphere.

The Bridge was constructed by the wealthy Bishop of Exeter, John Vassey in 1520. The bridge served as a replacement for a worn-out and weak bridge in 1459. Water Orton had majorly been a village known for agriculture, not until the 1840s due to the construction of railways. The current railway station is dated 1908. The railway construction made an increase in the erection of more buildings in Water Orton, and also made it easier for commuters to travel to Curzon Street and Birmingham’s Lawley Street. These railways also brought development and the meat processing industry into the village.

The Water Orton village is a short distance to M42 motorways, The M6, and the M6 toll. The Water Orton village is served by an X70 bus through Chelmsley Wood and Birmingham.

Starting from Water Orton Primary School located at Plank Ln, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1SG, United Kingdom head southeast via Vicarage Ln to Akg Productions located at 79 Vicarage Ln, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1RY, United Kingdom

From Akg Productions head northeast via Vicarage Ln and St Blaise Ave to Get Your Party Started located at St Blaise Ave, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1RT, United Kingdom

From Get Your Party Started head northeast via Coleshill Rd to Pizza Village located at 19 Edward Rd, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1PG, United Kingdom

From Pizza Village head northwest via B4117 to Dent Solution located at 23 Mercer Ave, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1NG, United Kingdom

From Dent Solution head south via Coleshill Rd to Water Orton Primary School located at Plank Ln, Water Orton, Birmingham B46 1SG, United Kingdom