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Weoley Castle

Weoley Castle is a suburban residential area in Southwest Birmingham, England, which is part of the Weoley electoral division and also under the Northfield constituency.

Weoley Castle is the ruins of a manor house initially built before the 13th century as a hunting lodge by the Lords of Dudley. The House became ruined in the 17th century and was later repaired in 2009 by Birmingham City. However, some of these ruins were used in the construction of bridges, and some stones which are over 700 years old remain till date as a tourist attraction. Weoley Castle is now managed as a community museum and owned by the Birmingham City council.

Weoley Castle has over 3000 houses centered on Weoley Castle Square with a generous amount of trees planted. Weoley castle square is the center of Weoley castle activity, as it has a shopping area, banks, public building as well as an education center where school sessions, meetings, and events are held.

Weoley Castle also has a library, a housing estate, a walkway for recreational purposes, and a united reformed church in Weoley hill. Weoley Castle is best known for its Museum, housing hundreds of years of local building materials that were used to build the Manor House.

Weoley Castle lies in the Stonehouse brook valley; an area of wet clay land. This area shares borders with Shelly Oak to the east, Bartley Green to the west, Harborne to the north, and Shenley Fields and Wedley Hill to the south. Weoley Castle is on a latitude of 52.4377 and a longitude of -1.9688.

According to the 2001 census, Weoley Castle has a significant immigration population plus it is more of  older people’s location. Also, Weoley Castle has just one postcode area.

Starting from Weoley Castle Post Office located at  114 Castle Square, Birmingham B29 5PT, United Kingdom head southeast via Weoley Castle Rd and Princethorpe Rd to Princethorpe Junior School located at Princethorpe Rd, Birmingham B29 5QB, United Kingdom

From Princethorpe Junior School head southwest via Somerford Rd to Weoley Castle Pub located at 112 Shenley Ln, Birmingham B29 4HA, United Kingdom

From Weoley Castle Pub head northeast via B4121 and Barnes Hill/B4121 to First Steps Stonehouse (Harborne) located at Stonehouse Farm, Stonehouse Ln, Harborne, Birmingham B32 3DX, United Kingdom

From First Steps Stonehouse (Harborne) head south via Jervoise Rd to Weoley Castle located at 135 Alwold Road, B29, Birmingham B29 5RJ, United Kingdom

From Weoley Castle head north via Somerford Rd to Weoley Castle Post Office located at  114 Castle Square, Birmingham B29 5PT, United Kingdom

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