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Winson Green

Winson Green city is mainly an area around the west side of Birmingham in England. The city is famous for being among the Soho ward. This inner-city, Winson Green, is a multi-racial area with a larger population of Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities.

Amongst the many streets of this city, one of them, James Turner’s road, was the area of the “Benefits Street.” And this sparked a lot of controversy during its earlier broadcast around 2014. This was due to the full showcase of a cannabis operated farm. Another reason for the controversy was the consistent instruction broadcasted that showed how to evade detection when shoplifting.

When it comes to the Winson Green transport system, the Birmingham Navigations Canal Main Line passes the area. The previous Midlands and Scottish Railway, London mainline also passed through between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Several railway stations once served Winson Green and other areas, and its construction was by the North & London Western Railway plus the Winson Green & Soho (the Western Railway). However, since that time, demolition has occurred to both stations.

The location of Winson Green lies around the inner-city portion of Western Birmingham, England. This inner-city has its Church, the Memorial Bishop Latimer. Its location was that of the HM Birmingham Prison (commonly known as “the green” or the Prison of Winson Green). And that of the city’s hospital (previously hospital or Dudley Road).  There’s a supermarket, Tesco, and an attached library, the Spring Hill Victorian Library.

In 2011, Winson Green became an infamous area due to the outburst riot that sparked on August 9th. Three men died that night defending their properties along the Dudley Road before being run over by a vehicle. The men were Shahzad Ali (30), Muvafir Abdul (31), and Japan Haroon (21); it was one of the significant hits to England at the time.

Starting from HMP Birmingham located at Winson Green Rd, Birmingham B18 4AS, United Kingdom head northwest via A4040 to Winson Green Church located at 2 Handsworth New Rd, Winson Green, Birmingham B18 4PG, United Kingdom

From Winson Green Church head north via Handsworth New Rd/A4040 to Winson Green Seventh-Day Advist Church located at Bishop Latimer Memorial Church, 36 Handsworth New Rd, Birmingham B18 4PT, United Kingdom

From Winson Green Seventh-Day Advist Church head east via Willes Rd to Beulah Hills Apostolic Church located at 188 Bacchus Rd, Birmingham B18 4QZ, United Kingdom

From Beulah Hills Apostolic Church head southeast via Talbot St to Mary Seacole House located at Lodge Rd, Winson Green, Birmingham B18 5SD, United Kingdom

From Mary Seacole House head west via Central Park Dr to HMP Birmingham located at Winson Green Rd, Birmingham B18 4AS, United Kingdom

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