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Witton is among the inner-city areas of Birmingham, England. Its location lies in the county of the West Metropolitan Midlands. This area, Witton, is popular for being the home to the famous football club Aston Villa at the Villa Park. Witton was once within the old Aston parish in Hemlingford hundred from the very historic Warwickshire County.

And like any other part of Birmingham, England, Witton had a lot of industrial facilities, with it being the IMI plc industrial company’s home base. The IMI plc took control of all constructions that were a conveyor near Witton Brook between 1922 and 1929. However, by 2003, IMI plc relocated from the area to its new headquarters near the Birmingham Airport.

In 1901, engineering cooperation established its works with the name, The General Electrical Co. Ltd. Although the company had gotten a permit to own and work on the land in 1899, construction started only in 1901.

And at a time, this company had employed over eighteen thousand persons to work the site. By 1927, the London Aluminium began employing over four hundred persons for work in Witton.

Witton is around the West Metropolitan Midlands of Birmingham, England. An excellent way to find its location is by using the famous Villa Park Stadium of the football club, Aston Villa. Witton is under the sovereign government of the United Kingdom. The grid reference number of Witton is SP079913.

According to reports by William Dugdale, the entire Witton was under the sole ownership of a man named Staunchel. But, the large land area became seized by Fitz-Ansculf William after the Norman England conquest. And Staunchel became Fitz-Ansculf’s tenant with annual pay of about twenty shillings.

Historically, Witton has always had a small population. In 1841, Witton had about 157 persons on its shores, 160 people in 1851, 126 in 1861, 217 as in 1871. Regardless, on June 13, 1902, the Industrial School of Birmingham opened its gates on Witton Lane. And by 1907, the consecration of the church of All Souls by Wenlock Road took place.

Starting from The Hub located at Witton Rd, Witton, Birmingham B6 7EU, United Kingdom, head southwest via Nobel Wy. and Witton Rd/A4040 to Majestic Conference & Banqueting Centre located at 208-216 Witton Ln, Birmingham B6 6QE, United Kingdom

From Majestic Conference & Banqueting Centre, head northeast via A4040 to Dana UK Axle Ltd located at Birch Rd, Witton, Birmingham B6 7JR, United Kingdom

From Dana UK Axle Ltd, head east via Wyrley Rd and Deykin Ave to Minor Weir and Willis located at 206 Deykin Ave, Birmingham B6 7BH, United Kingdom

From Minor Weir and Willis, head northwest via Deykin Ave and Brookvale Rd to The Marigold located at 187 Brookvale Rd, Witton, Birmingham B6 7AJ, United Kingdom

From The Marigold head southwest via Brookvale Rd to The Hub located at Witton Rd, Witton, Birmingham B6 7EU, United Kingdom

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