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Alum Rock,_Birmingham

Alum Rock, also known as ‘The Rock’  is a suburb district, found in the innermost part of Birmingham, England. It is located approximately 2 miles off the eastern region of Birmingham’s town center.

The ward was carved out of Saltley. Thus, it includes the 3km streets connecting Saltley Gate to the Railway Bridge. After entering the ward’s shopping area, Alum Rock extends to the Stechford road and passes through Pelham District before reconnecting to the Road of Washwood Heath.

Due to Alum Rock ‘s proximity to Saltley, it passed through various villages that are contained in Saltley. Thus, on its northern and Eastern border, it passes through Ward End while its Southern and Western region has Bordesley Green and Nechells respectively.

Before 2018, Alum Rock was under the ward of Washwood Heath. However, after slight boundary adjustment, it is now subsumed under Alum Rock ward.

According to the Census count of 2001, the ward was published as having a high population and a huge number of ethnic minorities which exceeded Birmingham’s average.

Alum Rock as a suburb is known for its high crime rate. This is due to shootings by various gangs in a bid to secure turfs.

The district is also characterized by arrests related to acts of terrorism. The LGBTQ community have also been attacked on several occasions. Thus, in 2019, a protest aimed at the group was organized outside various primary schools. The primary school teachers confirmed that they were threatened while the aggressive protest lasted.

In a bid to unite the warring sides of the district, the ward introduced its football club. The club was founded in the 1990s by Farid Rajah( deceased). The club participates in the football league of South Birmingham and intends expanding to accommodate more youths.

As regards tourism, the ward houses the famous Brookhill Tavern, a relaxation center which offers both entertainment and great scenery for its tourists.

Alum Rock is also not left behind in educational endeavours as it has both Shaw Hill primary School and Rockwood Academy.

Starting from Parkfield Community School located at Parkfield Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham B8 3AX, United Kingdom head north east via Parkfield Rd and Alum Rock Rd to Umar’s Supermarket located at 476-478 Alum Rock Rd, Birmingham B8 3HU, United Kingdom

From Umar’s Supermarket head northwest via Foxton Rd and Hazelbeach Rd to Rockwood Academy located at Naseby Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham B8 3HG, United Kingdom

From Rockwood Academy head southwest via Gowan Rd to TSB Bank located at 156 Alum Rock Rd, Saltley, Birmingham B8 1HU, United Kingdom

From TSB Bank head east via Alum Rock Rd to Alum Rock Road Post Office located at 6 College Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham B8 3SJ, United Kingdom

From Alum Rock Road Post Office head southeast via College Rd, Couchman Rd and Parkfield Rd to Parkfield Community School located at Parkfield Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham B8 3AX, United Kingdom

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