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Queslett (also known as Quieslade, the original name) was this small residential area in Birmingham, England. Since the early 16th century, the name, Quielade) hasn’t been put to use as it initially was. However, presently, the generally accepted spelling and pronunciation of this small area is the spelling Queslett.

This area’s name has two recognised meanings, with the beginning part of the village name meaning “wood pigeon” and the second part of the name meaning “Anglo-Saxon.” Officially, Queslett is a small settlement or an area located in the better part of Great Barr, of Birmingham, England. Queslett was initially a part of Staffordshire rather than Great Barr until the 19th century (precisely 1928).

This small settlement area in Great Barr of Birmingham, Queslett, was primarily full of private housing. From around the 1930s to the latter years, privately-owned housing was very rampant. One of the most significant sculptures or monuments of Queslett is “The Moonstones.”

These stones are by the junction (or intersection) of Queslett Road and Aldridge Road by the supermarket. This monument, The Moonstones, serve as a memorial to the members of Luna’s society. Its design and structuring was by Field Steve, and the carving by Masons Stone, Scheurmann Michael, and Sier Marholm in the late 19th century (precisely 1998).

The small settlement in Great Barr, Queslett, lies on the Queslett Road, A4041, between Sutton Coldfield and West Bromwich, finally being overlooked by the Barr Beacon. Queslett is a part of the Perry Barr ward under the local authority of Birmingham. The ruling federal government over Queslett remains in the United Kingdom.

The well-known monuments at Queslett, The Moonstones, represent the eight members of Lunar’s society. The members include; Wedgwood Joseph, Galton Samuel, Watt James, Joseph Priestley, Darwin Erasmus, Murdock William, Bolton Matthew, Withering William, and Kierr James.

Starting from Queslett Nature Reserve located at Birmingham B44 8NX, United Kingdom head northeast via Old Horns Cres to Northside Emergency Veterinary Clinic located at 1236 Aldridge Rd, Birmingham B44 8PE, United Kingdom

From Northside Emergency Veterinary Clinic head northeast via Queslett Rd/A4041 to SPAR – Queslett Road located at 512 Queslett Rd, Birmingham B43 7EJ, United Kingdom

From SPAR – Queslett Road head south via Kings Rd/B4149 and Shady Ln to Frazers Boxing Club located at Winster Grove, Shady Ln, Birmingham B44 9EG, United Kingdom

From Frazers Boxing Club head southwest via Shady Ln. to Queslett Park Gold Centre located at 73 Booths Ln, Birmingham B42 2RG, UK

From Queslett Park Gold Centre head northeast via Booths Ln to Queslett Nature Reserve located at Birmingham B44 8NX, United Kingdom

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